“The Lessons Of Tobit”

I love the readings from Tobit which began today at daily mass. I was struck by Tobit’s wife admonishing him when he began to “lose it” due to his trials and tribulations. Tobit was a great man, but he obviously had a few character weaknesses. There’s nothing like some real pressure to test what’s in our heart. We may think we’re doing well in an area, but trials and testing will determine the reality. Failing a test is not the worst thing in the world; it can cause us to humbly ask God to help us… and he will. With his help, we can gain victory in the weak area. “All things work to the good for those who love God and are called according to his promise”. (Romans ….)…. Even our failings.

Judy at St. Joseph’s Orphanage

On the road again…. we left Indy this morning, stopped in Louisville for lunch at the “Blue Dog Café“, followed by quick stops at St. Joseph’s Orphanage where we saw a plaque to Emmett Kaelin for his generosity, then by Judy’s home on Fairhill Dr. There were a lot of familiar places, bringing back many memories to her. 

We’re a couple of hours out of Nashville on I-65, and our visit with Mary & Peter and family and Dave. Wow, we’ve been gone 9 days.  

A few details from our golf game yesterday… we played a beautiful little par 3 course (9 holes). We took Larry’s golf cart from his home to the first tee. Larry, his son Andrew, Andrew’s father-in-law, and yours truly played. Larry and Emmett are very good, and Chuck is good…I was definitely #4…but played okay. It’s fun to see people hit good golf shots. We had a good time, followed up with a “wee bit” back at the house along with dinner. It’s been a wonderful trip. More to report later.

One thought on ““The Lessons Of Tobit”

  1. So many memories in Louisville as we ate in the area where I went to high school, passed by the house I lived in for 7 years, st Joe’s orphanage where My grandfather lived with his 6 siblings after his parents died young of cholera. My grandfather Alphons also died at age 40 due to appendicitis. Thank God for good memories which keep our experiences Alive🙌🏻


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