“No Turning Back” 

Sometimes I wonder which actor will play me when they make a movie about my life. Will it be Paul Newman or Arnold Schwarzenegger, or perhaps Boris Karloff. Boris starred as the monster in the original Frankenstein movies…. yes Boris was quite a handsome and charismatic actor…. what elocution and articulation as he uttered those … Continue reading “No Turning Back” 

The Wiener Wagon 

You’ll never guess what a friend of mine saw the other day while driving through Pennsylvania. Hmmmmmm, was it a famous movie star, a superstar athlete, an honest politician, a meteor ? No, no, no….. do you give up? Okay I’ll tell you…. he saw the “Wiener Wagon”. I’m serious the “Wiener Wagon” is still … Continue reading The Wiener Wagon 

The Lord Blesses The Little With The Great

Some people are just bigger than life. While we admire them, it’s hard to imagine ever doing what they did. This includes great intellects and athletes, care givers…. people from every walk of life who live in an extraordinary way. I read yesterday about Green Beret Colonel Paris Davis who was awarded the Medal of Honor for … Continue reading The Lord Blesses The Little With The Great

“How Do You Top This”

I guess most of us have heard that Tom Brady retired after 23 record setting years in the National Football League(NFL)….winning 6 Super Bowls and holding numerous records. In the NFL, he is generally considered the GOAT (GOAT= Greatest of All Time). Tom is 45 years old and it seems that he will never do … Continue reading “How Do You Top This”

“Trust All Things To Jesus…”

I can tend to think that the time to move forward with new initiatives from the Lord is when things are really going great, when the church and the culture are doing wonderfully well….”boy, let’s move into high gear and win the world for Christ”. Well, I guess there’s examples from history where this proved … Continue reading “Trust All Things To Jesus…”

“You Are Beautiful”

Today Judy and I  were asked to “share our faith story” with some young people at Koinonia Academy…. grades 7-12, about 13-18 in age.  Having not spoken to a group of young people for quite awhile, I was trying to remember what would be important to them at that age. Gee, what was I focused on when … Continue reading “You Are Beautiful”

“Be Careful of Headlines”

Have you heard of Yellow Journalism…. “ it refers to sensationalistic or biased stories that newspapers present as objective truth. Established late 19th-century journalists coined the term to belittle the unconventional techniques of their rivals.” Hmmmmmmm, sounds very familiar; I guess today it’s called fake news.  Headlines are meant to grab your attention… causing you to read the rest of … Continue reading “Be Careful of Headlines”

“A Pope of Mercy & Kindness”

A caricature is  “an exaggeration of someone’s characteristic features… often to highlight human shortcomings…. a form of satire.” Hmmmmm. Sometimes they can be funny and harmless, other times they are cutting and hurtful. Joseph Ratzinger was too often described in exaggerated and hurtful ways….e.g.  “God’s Rottweiller”. In truth he was a kind and holy and humble father of the church. … Continue reading “A Pope of Mercy & Kindness”