Why Another Blog?

Hi Kids and Grandkids and Friends,

Back in the early days of the Corona Virus, I was thinking of writing a BLOG. What helped push me over the edge was a “video blog by a dog” that I had received…yes, a real dog with a baby voice dubbed over it. The dog was telling other dogs how to cope with the Corona Virus isolation. I thought if a dog can have a blog, I should give it a try. 

The actual blogs are me “thinking out loud”. They generally include a scripture or teaching I’ve heard and my reaction to it, along with memories that are triggered . Hopefully it ends with a lesson we can all benefit from. I intend to keep this all brief, so even if they are not that good, at least the pain will be quick.

The BLOG is evolving, so if you don’t like a particular one, just hang on and the next one might be better…or maybe worse. While only planning to do the BLOG for the duration of the Corona Virus pandemic, I’m now into the 4th year. Yikes !!! Who know what the future holds. Feel free to invite others to read the BLOG and also to add your comments…. God bless you all.


P.S. The Blog was originally intended for our 10 kids and families… we later thought others might enjoy it.