“I Can’t Resist Him Any Longer”

I just returned from the funeral mass of a wonderful friend, Lou Cirrotti. It was a beautiful mass, a great sendoff for this good man. Fr. Luke Fletcher, the main celebrant, shared the last text he received from Lou shortly before he died …… “Jesus is calling me home and I can’t resist him any longer”. I’ve … Continue reading “I Can’t Resist Him Any Longer”

“Our Weakness Should Not Terrify Us”

Originally Posted Oct. 8, 2021 I’m in the process of reading one of my favorite books for the 3rd time. It’s the autobiography of Thomas Merton, entitled , “The Seven Story Mountain”. It’s his  spiritual odyssey from a young man growing up in the US and Europe,….  English prep schools, to Cambridge, and then to Columbia…a life of … Continue reading “Our Weakness Should Not Terrify Us”

“Virtue Rather Than Wealth”

The passage about Lazarus and the rich man is very familiar to us. (Luke 16:19-31) Over the years this parable has been “mined” by countless theologians; artists have produced literature and poetry and music referencing Lazarus and the rich man Dives. Some say it’s not a parable, but that Lazarus was an actual person. I … Continue reading “Virtue Rather Than Wealth”

“We All Must Choose”

Life is funny. Sometimes it seems like we have things under control…. health is good, just got a raise, have money in the bank, kids are doing well, the Giants are showing signs of hope. If we can just freeze these moments then life is very good. Other times it can seem like we’re circling … Continue reading “We All Must Choose”

Listen To The Heartbeat Of God

As we enter the Lenten season there are so many great readings from scripture, the saints, from current day writers and theologians. I’m finding every article I read wonderful and helpful. It’s like walking thru a delicious buffet filled with all my favorite foods; I’d like to take some of everything, but it’s too much. … Continue reading Listen To The Heartbeat Of God

“Open The Door” 

Originally Posted Sept. 2, 2021 Recently I’ve been posting a number of BLOGS from last year. As I read some of them I can think, “wow that’s pretty good, or hmmm, not so good.” What’s interesting is that my assessment may not correspond with your assessment.   We all can have different opinions about almost everything. … Continue reading “Open The Door”