NEWSFLASH— We’re Not In Charge”

Originally Posted Sept. 3, 2021 It’s amazing how we think we’re in charge. We have all this latest technology, we’re so smart. We’ve found this cure, we can fly civilians into space, we have robots to do our work. Wow what about these cell phones… “hey Alexa, what’s the temperature in Istanbul ?”.  Many think that we’re … Continue reading NEWSFLASH— We’re Not In Charge”

“I Can See Clearly Now”

Originally Posted Aug. 29, 2021 In 1972 the song “I Can See Clearly Now” , by John Nash was number one on the charts. It’s a bouncy uplifting song, and the words speak to another thing that happened in 1972… Judy and I turning from a lot of confusion in our life, turning back to God. We … Continue reading “I Can See Clearly Now”

“Do I Really Love My Dog”

“Oh, I love White Castle Hamburgers …they are so delicious …. those onions, the soft buns, the pickle and ketchup…mmmmmmm!  Well Dave that’s great for you, but I really love my dog Ollie… he is so wonderful and fuzzy…he’s my best friend. Well Teddy I love the Jersey Shore….”.  Hmmmmmm. Love has become a very common word today….easily losing its real meaning. When … Continue reading “Do I Really Love My Dog”

BLOG Update… “There’s Always More”

Since we’re moving into a new year, I thought we should do a little “BLOG housekeeping”.  For the more discerning “BLOGEES”, you may have already noticed some recent changes. The new title is “Dave’s BLOG-- There’s Always More”. And the “Onion” is the new symbol of the BLOG.  I hope you get the implications. There is always more … Continue reading BLOG Update… “There’s Always More”

“Keep Our Head In The Clouds….”

Originally Posted August 13, 2021 I wonder how Moses felt coming down from Mount Sinai? He spent 40 days in the presence of God, conversing, receiving the 10 commandments. His countenance was so bright, he had to cover his face. Well, I guess he was exhausted. I would think the things of the world were … Continue reading “Keep Our Head In The Clouds….”

“ Stingy Crab or Cheerful Lender”

Originally Posted August 12, 2021 Wow, the choice is before us…behind door #1 is Miserable Stingy Crab, and behind door #2 is Happy, Cheerful Giver.” Hmmmmm, which door to choose?  Let’s be honest, nobody likes a crab.  Nobody likes to be with someone who’s complaining all the time…. “wow, it’s sooooo hot, I hate this weather”…. … Continue reading “ Stingy Crab or Cheerful Lender”


Heavy Weight Champion Joe Louis once said, “Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.”… that’s really true. The poet Robert Frost said, “ It’s hard to get into this world and hard to get out of it.” Wow, that’s also true.  Well our good friend “Bone” had a lot to say about heaven too; he did … Continue reading “Heaven”