“God Forgives 7 X 70”

In the movie “Silence” a story about Jesuit missionaries in Japan during the 17th century, there is a character named Kichijirō. He is an alcoholic fisherman who fled Japan to save himself from the persecution of Christians; his entire family had refused to renounce their faith and were killed …. yet he had renounced his faith. Later in the … Continue reading “God Forgives 7 X 70”

“Everybody Gets Tempted”

Temptation can be viewed as  somewhat of a “dirty word”. The implication is that if you get tempted, than there’s something wrong with you. Yet in truth, everybody gets tempted…even Jesus got tempted. The one big difference with Jesus was that he didn’t ever succumb to temptation. “ For we have not a high priest who is unable … Continue reading “Everybody Gets Tempted”


One of the worst things a person can hear is, “You have cancer”. Those words can take your breath away, with your mind quickly jumping to the worse case scenario…. “ it’s  terminal and you have only a short time to live.”  Yet, a even worse scenario is that a person doesn’t hear those frightening words … Continue reading “CANCER DOES NOT HAVE THE LAST WORD”

“We’re Still Bopping Around”

Well, we’re waiting to begin the new “Ask The BLOG” series. As you’ll remember from yesterday’s BLOG, this series will provide answers to “thought provoking and  exciting questions” from the grandkids and others. In the meantime, we’ll just continue on with the normal BLOGS. I was talking to my wife Judy about all of this and she suggested … Continue reading “We’re Still Bopping Around”

“What’s Next For The BLOG ? ”

As I was posting yesterday’s BLOG on the “Touhill Chickens”, I was thinking that someone is losing their mind… and it might be me. So, I think it’s time to “take this BLOG  up a notch”….. hmmmmmm,  but how ? What's Next ? Well, perhaps we should try and focus the BLOG on some particular questions that … Continue reading “What’s Next For The BLOG ? ”