“1,000 & Counting”

Can you believe that we published our 1,000th BLOG yesterday. 1000 divided by 365 day, equals 2.7 years of BLOGS…. almost three years of BLOGS. To be perfectly honest I often re-published some BLOGS on the weekend, so there are not 1,000 original BLOGS….. probably about 900 or so originals and 100 or so repeats. Also … Continue reading “1,000 & Counting”

You’re Not Serious ?

After someone says something that you view as “NOT SPOT ON”, have you ever been tempted to “roll your eyes, or emit a sigh, or maybe even a quiet mumble under your breath.” I have to admit that occasionally I’m guilty as charged. In fact, at times my response has even been more dramatic…. perhaps even … Continue reading You’re Not Serious ?

“How Do You Top This”

I guess most of us have heard that Tom Brady retired after 23 record setting years in the National Football League(NFL)….winning 6 Super Bowls and holding numerous records. In the NFL, he is generally considered the GOAT (GOAT= Greatest of All Time). Tom is 45 years old and it seems that he will never do … Continue reading “How Do You Top This”

“We Can Still Do Well”

The Book of Genesis begins with such amazement and hope…creation, the garden of Eden, walking with God …… yet it quickly goes down the tubes. We first have Adam and Eve succumbing to the temptation of Satan and the resulting punishments (e.g. death enters the world) that make their way even to the year 2023. … Continue reading “We Can Still Do Well”

Good Intentions…. To Actions

Well I’m back from my week long journey to Florida  and it’s time to restart the BLOG. Here we go. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.  I recently read that St. Bernard of Clairvaux first coined the phrase…. gee, I thought my mother came up with it. It signifies the difference between what someone intends to do and … Continue reading Good Intentions…. To Actions

“Trust All Things To Jesus…”

I can tend to think that the time to move forward with new initiatives from the Lord is when things are really going great, when the church and the culture are doing wonderfully well….”boy, let’s move into high gear and win the world for Christ”. Well, I guess there’s examples from history where this proved … Continue reading “Trust All Things To Jesus…”

Insurance Against Mayhem

You’ve probably seen the Allstate Insurance commercial where “Actor Dean Winters plays the dastardly and destructive Mayhem, wreaking havoc on people's property, prompting their need for some Allstate coverage.” Hmmmmmm. It could almost remind us of  some of the antics of the devil.  Today many would ask, “hey, is there really a devil; is there really a … Continue reading Insurance Against Mayhem

“It’s Not Easy”

I was recently watching an episode of “The Chosen” and was struck by the dialogue of Jesus with the apostle “James - the Lesser”, who is depicted as having a disability. James is asking for a healing and Jesus does not heal him. It’s pretty intense….. it was a straight forward, non flowery, even blunt … Continue reading “It’s Not Easy”

“Off To A Good Start”

Night prayers fortify us as we await the dawn…..“ being confident from our faith that God watches over us and guards us with his all powerful love… not fearing the terror of the night … commending our spirit into His hands…  asking the Lord to watch over us as we sleep, to grant us a … Continue reading “Off To A Good Start”

“Paying The Price”

Recently we revisited our favorite restaurant in the Amish Country called Dienner’s. It features homemade Pennsylvania Dutch cooking …. rotisserie chicken, buttered noodles, beef’n gravy, mashed potatoes along with freshly steamed vegetables… the buffet selections go on and on and on ..… salads, desserts, pies, etc. It’s so good…and worth the effort to get there.  Back in … Continue reading “Paying The Price”