Welcome to my blog. I started it a few weeks ago in the early days of the Corona Virus to lighten my heart and hopefully give others a lift. I hope you benefit from it.


I could often get a smirk, smile or even a laugh from Bruce Yocum with some inane comment or joke. When he smiled or laughed, his whole face lit up. I would guess that Bruce was not a good poker player because he didn’t disguise his feelings very well… if his Detroit tigers played lousy, … Continue reading “Bruce”

“The Cancer of Resentment”

Resentment and jealousy are cancers that can destroy. In it’s most complete form it can lead to actual murder…in its lesser form it can bring about broken relationships, stilted spiritual growth, the crushing of potential in the person involved, anxiety, etc. It often spreads from one relationships to another. It’s like having bamboo in your … Continue reading “The Cancer of Resentment”

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