Welcome to my blog. I started it a few weeks ago in the early days of the Corona Virus to lighten my heart and hopefully give others a lift. I hope you benefit from it.

The Fruit Of Repentance

“Wild and lone the prophet’s voice, echoes through the desert still, calling us to make a choice, bidding us to do God’s will…. bear the fruit repentance sows: lives of justice, truth, and love. Trust no other claims than those.”  Beautiful words of an Advent hymn… bear the fruit of repentance…. and what is this fruit….lives of justice, … Continue reading The Fruit Of Repentance

Don’t Give In To Lethargy

Have you ever felt lethargic? “Lethargy is described as fatigued, feeling sluggish, weary, having no energy.” For the past week or two I’ve been “under the weather” with a nagging cold or flu … feeling crummy or even lethargic; the “bug” eventually kept me home. I found it hard to pray, hard to “hear the … Continue reading Don’t Give In To Lethargy

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