Welcome to my blog. I started it a few weeks ago in the early days of the Corona Virus to lighten my heart and hopefully give others a lift. I hope you benefit from it.

“Winging Our Way Home”

It’s July 5, 2022 and were currently climbing thru 27,000 feet as we begin our flight home from Scotland via London. It’s been a great vacation. We were immersed with great hospitality, renewal of old friendships, seeing the wonderful beauty of Scotland, and actually celebrating the 4th of July in a foreign country. The country of … Continue reading “Winging Our Way Home”

“Off On Holiday”

Well we’re off. It’s been quite a while since we’ve been on a real vacation. When I retired , I thought we would quickly get into the swing of things and be off here and there. We were planning a trip to the Holy Land when the “Covid Dragon” snuck in and sunk our plans. … Continue reading “Off On Holiday”

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