NEWSFLASH— We’re Not In Charge”

It’s amazing how we think we’re in charge. We have all this latest technology, we’re so smart. We’ve found this cure, we can fly civilians into space, we have robots to do our work. Wow what about these cell phones… “hey Alexa, what’s the temperature in Istanbul ?”.  Many think that we’re really getting our arms around … Continue reading NEWSFLASH— We’re Not In Charge”

“Does He Understand Us”

Originally Posted June 15, 2020 We’ve heard the  admonition  “before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes”… ie. look to understand his experiences, challenges and thought processes. This is also called empathy,…. “ the ability to sense other people's emotions… to imagine what someone else is thinking or feeling; it’s the capacity to place oneself in another's position.”  Lucy … Continue reading “Does He Understand Us”

“In Case You’re Thinking Of Complaining”

Originally Posted June 12, 2020 If you want to stop your complaining, you need to spend time with people who don’t complain. This morning I met with a group of friends. We met outside, with proper social distancing, to discuss how we’re doing. I have known these men for many years. We meet to share … Continue reading “In Case You’re Thinking Of Complaining”