“We Need To Be Encouraged”

Has you ever been “discouraged, or down”, or even depressed” ? Well, probably a better question would be “has anyone ever NOT been discouraged or down? Most of us have to battle these negative thoughts from time to time. Yet hopefully we spend most of our time victorious over them …. not always easy. “Even youths shall … Continue reading “We Need To Be Encouraged”

“The Cancer of Resentment”

Resentment and jealousy are cancers that can destroy. In it’s most complete form it can lead to actual murder…in its lesser form it can bring about broken relationships, stilted spiritual growth, the crushing of potential in the person involved, anxiety, etc. It often spreads from one relationships to another. It’s like having bamboo in your … Continue reading “The Cancer of Resentment”

“The Battle Is The Lord’s”

Most of us know the story of David and Goliath. Yet sometimes  it’s reduced to a  children’s story or a clever little song. In the secular world, “the phrase ”David and Goliath”  has taken on a more popular meaning denoting an underdog situation, a contest wherein a smaller, weaker opponent faces a much bigger, stronger adversary.” (Oxford Advanced American Dictionary) With … Continue reading “The Battle Is The Lord’s”

“Pride Goes Before A Fall”

Originally Posted Jan. 13, 2021 I remember hearing the story of a man who received a badge for humility, but they took it away from him because he wore it. Hmmmm. Pride is insidious. It’s sneaky and cunning. It disguises itself as honesty and righteousness and integrity.  C.S. Lewis reminds us that “there is one vice … Continue reading “Pride Goes Before A Fall”

“Discipleship Doesn’t End With The Call”

I’d like to put a footnote to yesterday’s BLOG about “going deeper”. The final point made in the God’s Word Among Us article (Jan. 15, 2022) was about being ready. It says, “God is ALWAYS calling us, so we need to be on the alert at all times. We need to be ready, listening, and poised … Continue reading “Discipleship Doesn’t End With The Call”

“Don’t Imitate The Rich Young Ruler”

I had cataract surgery a couple of months ago. Many who have had that surgery walk out and  proclaimed “Eureka …I can see”. Well, I’m shouting eureka with a “small e”. I’m doing pretty well (I’m 20:20), but I’m still figuring out my reading and computer glasses… shifting to a pair of “cheaters” when I’m looking … Continue reading “Don’t Imitate The Rich Young Ruler”