“Honeymoon’s Over”

At some point, regardless of our way of life, we may experience the Honeymoon Being Over. It may be a short or long honeymoon, but eventually it’s over. “Mr. Wonderful becomes Mr. Not So Wonderful”; the fans who adored me, now think I’m an overpaid bum; the genius becomes a dummy. You get the picture.   … Continue reading “Honeymoon’s Over”

“The Great Translator”

Several years ago  I was in a Catholic Church in Lebanon attending Mass. It was beautiful and I could follow it pretty well, but I couldn’t understand anything being said. During the homily the priest could have said “your pants are on fire” and I would have looked at him with a blank face. (unless they … Continue reading “The Great Translator”

When Is It Time To Celebrate?

I recently saw an article entitled “Why You Should Celebrate Everything”. It was a pretty good article, although I think they may have gone a bit too far. (they even toasted their wet carpet which they had just finished cleaning…hmmmm).  The author mentioned that “giving extra attention to the good things in life, celebrating the little successes, helps … Continue reading When Is It Time To Celebrate?