“Having A Big Mouth Is Not Always Bad”

For a TV Show that was only on for one year, the “Honeymooners” was a classic. Most people from my generations remember Ralph Kramden as the loveable buffoon who constantly shot himself in the foot. When his latest scheme would come crashing down, he would often shout in desperation, “YOU KNOW WHAT NORTON, I’VE GOT … Continue reading “Having A Big Mouth Is Not Always Bad”

“Crossing The Bridge”

Transitions are often difficult. They come in different shapes and sizes all our life…. sometimes they seem to come every week or month… other times they come every few years, or as our stage in lifechanges. Crossing the bridge to the next moment is often not easy. I remember being at Camp Chaminade, a two week … Continue reading “Crossing The Bridge”

God Even Uses Our Sins

We don’t need to be a theologian to know that sin is not good. Just look around, look at history, look at our own life. Sin is not good. The Catechism reminds us that “sin is an offense against reason, truth, and right conscience; it is failure in genuine love for God … it  wounds the nature of … Continue reading God Even Uses Our Sins

“The Humble Ask Good Questions”

You need to be on your toes when you ask Jesus a question. If it does not pertain to his current message, he ignores it or answers another question. Jesus was not into small talk… “hey Jesus, how bout them Knicks” is not going to get much of a response from the Lord.   The recent … Continue reading “The Humble Ask Good Questions”


I still have occasional flashbacks from my Organic Chemistry labs back in the late ‘60’s, with “the goofball students” (not me) igniting the various  volatile chemicals, followed by the crashing of the expensive glassware as they tried to put out the raging infernos…. the lab instructor giving detailed instructions in a foreign language…”ah,ya,ya,ya,ya”.  Yet I do remember a … Continue reading “Distillation”

“Wow, What An Adventure”

Faith is such an overwhelming reordering of our perception of reality. With faith we are able to look beyond the finite and look into the eternal…. looking beyond our problems to God’s blessings. With faith our joy comes alive… our hope wins the day.  Listen to these lines of Jacques Fesch, a condemned murderer, who … Continue reading “Wow, What An Adventure”

“Even Smarty Pants Can Go To Heaven”

Today we hear a lot about science…. Science is the answer… listen to the doctors and the professors. Well, I’m definitely not anti-science. I think science has made major contributions to life on this earth over the years. Hey, did I ever tell you about my project while a chemist at a big Fortune 100 … Continue reading “Even Smarty Pants Can Go To Heaven”