The Wiener Wagon 

You’ll never guess what a friend of mine saw the other day while driving through Pennsylvania. Hmmmmmm, was it a famous movie star, a superstar athlete, an honest politician, a meteor ? No, no, no….. do you give up? Okay I’ll tell you…. he saw the “Wiener Wagon”. I’m serious the “Wiener Wagon” is still … Continue reading The Wiener Wagon 

“Sharkie—Teaching About God”

Learning comes in many ways. The Lecture is one of the common methods of teaching and hopefully learning. I remember the big lecture hall at St. Louis U…. a hundred or so energetic Organic Chemistry students staring glassy eyed  at the board filled with the formula for Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), commonly known as Teflon. Our teacher Dr. Igor speaking with … Continue reading “Sharkie—Teaching About God”

“The Tale Of The Fruit Flies”

Originally Posted Sept. 28, 2021 I guess it’s part of aging, but some distant memories are becoming sharper in my mind. I recently recalled a time in 1968 when I was grinding my way thru my last semester of college at St.Louis U.  I was taking a heavy course load including a Genetics class with … Continue reading “The Tale Of The Fruit Flies”

“A Feel Good Story”

Recently I’ve been reading a number of wonderful articles and books that would be good topics for a BLOG. Yet, I need some more time to digest them and try to distill some of the thoughts…otherwise, I should just copy the entire book into the BLOG, and then it’s not really a BLOG….. hmmmmmm. So … Continue reading “A Feel Good Story”

“Granny Is Still Teaching Us”

We are fast approaching Christmas. It’s a time of preparation…get the tree, buy the presents, decorate the home…and hopefully prepare our hearts. For many years we tried to get our shopping done prior to Advent so we could minimize the distractions during Advent…. it’s worked to some degree.  As I get older I sometimes think … Continue reading “Granny Is Still Teaching Us”

“ A Great Story”

Edward (Easy Eddie) J. O’Hare was the lawyer for Al Capone, the notorious Chicago mobster. “In November 1939 Easy Eddie was shot to death most likely by Al Capone's gunmen. During Capone's tax evasion trial in 1931 and 1932, O'Hare had provided incriminating evidence which helped finally put Capone away. There is speculation that this was … Continue reading “ A Great Story”