“Crossing The Bridge”

Transitions are often difficult. They come in different shapes and sizes all our life…. sometimes they seem to come every week or month… other times they come every few years, or as our stage in lifechanges. Crossing the bridge to the next moment is often not easy. I remember being at Camp Chaminade, a two week … Continue reading “Crossing The Bridge”

God Even Uses Our Sins

We don’t need to be a theologian to know that sin is not good. Just look around, look at history, look at our own life. Sin is not good. The Catechism reminds us that “sin is an offense against reason, truth, and right conscience; it is failure in genuine love for God … it  wounds the nature of … Continue reading God Even Uses Our Sins

“Want To Feel Smarter?”

I often receives stories and anecdotes on “wisdom” from family and friends. I believe it’s because they love me and want me to improve myself… to get smarter. I received the following from my brother- in- law Larry who is also a very wise man….  One night on  Cheers , a TV Sitcom, Cliff Clavin said to his buddy, Norm … Continue reading “Want To Feel Smarter?”

“God Is Not Worried”

Most of us have heard the phrase, “You can’t understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”  It’s about having empathy, experiencing the world from another person's perspective. It’s more than just understanding about someone else’s experience… it’s somehow living it. We may know people who have lost a loved one, but we won’t really know the depth of their loss … Continue reading “God Is Not Worried”

“Even Smarty Pants Can Go To Heaven”

Today we hear a lot about science…. Science is the answer… listen to the doctors and the professors. Well, I’m definitely not anti-science. I think science has made major contributions to life on this earth over the years. Hey, did I ever tell you about my project while a chemist at a big Fortune 100 … Continue reading “Even Smarty Pants Can Go To Heaven”

Are We Worth It?

Recently I got glimpse of how much God loves us…. another peek at how precious we are to the Lord.... another tiny understanding of why God decided to give his life to save us from sin and death.... another reminder of why God thinks the world of us. While talking and praying with a good … Continue reading Are We Worth It?

“Yikes, It’s Holy Week Already”

It’s Holy Week… how’s everyone doing with their Lenten practices … having a good Lent? A good friend of mine often says that “God designs his Lent and it usually contains a number of surprises… unplanned interruptions.” Well my friend had unplanned Heart Surgery during this Lent, so it looks like his theory is gaining … Continue reading “Yikes, It’s Holy Week Already”

“Risking All For God”

Some people seem to love a good fight; they like to stir the pot. When things get too quiet, there they are giving somebody the “hotfoot”. If you say Mickey Mantle was the best Yankee of all time, they come back with both barrels championing Joe D or the Babe.  What can I say ? They … Continue reading “Risking All For God”

“God’s Will…the Giant Bulldozer”

“Ultimately we turn to Christ not because he has NICE things to reveal, but because he has TRUE things to reveal. For only the TRUTH has grace, and only grace saves.” (Fr. Gregory Pine, 2023 Magnificat Lenten Companion, 2-28-23) Today we can hear “oh that person is so nice and he speaks so well, and he’s got a nice sense … Continue reading “God’s Will…the Giant Bulldozer”