“Happy Memorial Day”

Memorial Day …a chance to thank and pray for all who have given their lives for our country. May the Lord welcome each of them home to heaven. 

Larry Kaelin (Judy’s Brother) on Lake Webster, IN

“No greater gift than to lay down your life for your friend”(John 15:13).  I can tend to gloss over that passage from John’s gospel. Yet even a brief meditation can cause one to pause and think, “what if it was me and I had a choice of giving my life for someone else… not 5 years of my life, not my bank account, not my career that I’ve built,….. but my life , my last breath. It’s true that there’s no greater gift I could give. I pray that all who have done that, and today we specifically honor those in our military who have given their lives for you and me and our country, may each and every one of them be rewarded by our God. 

Road Trip Update:

Well from South Bend, we made it to Webster Lake, Indiana to Andrew & Shannon’s Lake house for a day of boating, food and conversation. We later drove to Carmel (suburb of Indianapolis) , where today we went to mass with Larry & Colleen, then to Pancake House, next to Andrew Kaelin’s home for a visit. We later  played 9 holes of golf.  In the midst of this wonderful visit, we were sad to hear of Colleen’s father, Patrick Forkin, passing away … please pray for Patrick and their family.

Next stop is Nashville for time with Mary and family and Dave. We’ve had a  very blessed trip…. stay tuned.

2 thoughts on ““Happy Memorial Day”

  1. Lord have mercy on Patrick Forkin’s soul and his family. He fathered eight children and was a faithful Catholic. Thank God for the gift of faith that carries us home🙌🏻


  2. Praying for the repose of the Patrick Forkin’s soul. May he rest in peace along with all the member of the military who gave it all so that we may be free.


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