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“Classic BLOGS… from the past”

Originally posted April 26, 2020 “What, Me Worry” My mother used to say “boy, your father was a “worrier; he really knew how to worry”.  I guess that’s where I inherited my tendency to worry. Ask Judy if I’m a worrier and she won’t say a word, but her “eyebrows” will go up…. Hmmm. Worry is … Continue reading “Classic BLOGS… from the past”

“Stand In The Door”

The second to last command to paratroopers getting ready to exit the airplane is “stand in the door”… they’ve already heard “stand up… hook up…check equipment. They are ready to go… all the preparation is completed… they are just waiting for the final command.  It is much like our walk with the Lord. Before the … Continue reading “Stand In The Door”

St. Albert — A Great Teacher

Originally Posted Nov. 16, 2021 November 15th is the feast day of St. Albert. I don’t know much about Albert. I read that he was a very learned and holy man. He is quoted as saying, “ the greater and more persistent your confidence in God, the more abundantly you will receive all that you … Continue reading St. Albert — A Great Teacher

“Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy”

It seems that I’m often being surprised? I like to settle into normal life, even if it’s a new normal …. “okay, things are crazy, but at least there are some things I can count on, so let’s just live our life.” So I live “fat, dumb, and happy” for a short time and then something else … Continue reading “Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy”

“Where’s The Beef?”

In a Pew Study that came out prior to the Covid Pandemic, it was reported that less than 20% of Catholics attend Sunday Mass every week. In my diocese the numbers were more dire. Since Covid, the numbers are even more alarming. Wow, you hear the church is dying, the numbers are declining…we need to … Continue reading “Where’s The Beef?”

“I Can See Clearly Now”

Originally Posted Aug. 26, 2021 In 1972 the song “I Can See Clearly Now” , by John Nash was number one on the charts. It’s a bouncy uplifting song, and the words speak to another thing that happened in 1972… Judy and I turning from a lot of confusion in our life, turning back to God. We … Continue reading “I Can See Clearly Now”

“Sunshine In The Rain”

“Oh what a gloomy day”…. a phrase my mother would utter when the weather was dark and rainy, and gloomy ….. a day somewhat like today. The weather would really affect how she felt. If it was a bright sunshiny day, she perked up; if it was a gloomy day, she would be a bit down. Research indicates … Continue reading “Sunshine In The Rain”

“Stay Alert”

Originally Posted Nov. 11, 2021 When  “big events” happen in our life, they get our attention. They can affect us for a long time. Perhaps the birth of a child, getting married, the death of a loved one, major changes in our society, problems in the church, wars, etc.  It’s not surprising that these types of events can … Continue reading “Stay Alert”


Recent BLOGS have been pointed toward some pretty serious stuff. I feel like we need to take a little break and  “lighten things up a bit”.  Let’s search for a topic that is a bit more light hearted. Hmmmm, let’s see what we can talk about. Let’s not bring up any problems or trials. Okay, that … Continue reading “EXTRA, EXTRA …… GOOD NEWS !!!”

“Well Done Good & Faithful Servant”

What will it be like when we close our eyes for the last time on this earth? What will we see? There have been some who have had “near death experiences” and returned to give us some clues…. a bright light, a feeling of peace, meeting loved ones….. well those may be real clues, but … Continue reading “Well Done Good & Faithful Servant”