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“Classic BLOGS… from the past”

Originally posted April 26, 2020 “What, Me Worry” My mother used to say “boy, your father was a “worrier; he really knew how to worry”.  I guess that’s where I inherited my tendency to worry. Ask Judy if I’m a worrier and she won’t say a word, but her “eyebrows” will go up…. Hmmm. Worry is … Continue reading “Classic BLOGS… from the past”

“Traveling Light”

Originally Posted July 29, 2020 Pilgrim's Progress, is a religious allegory ( a story that reveals a hidden meaning) by the English writer John Bunyan, first published in 1678. The work is a symbolic vision of the good man's pilgrimage through life. ….. one of perseverance in the Christian faith. The main character, Christian, learned to travel … Continue reading “Traveling Light”

“Beware.. Becoming Hard Hearted”

We’ve been reading from the Book of Maccabees lately. In it there are exciting stories of courageous responses to evil…. standing up for the truth.  King Antiochus of Greece thought he was kind and loving to the Jews, even though he brutally conquered them. “For I was kind and beloved in my power.' But now I remember the … Continue reading “Beware.. Becoming Hard Hearted”

Repentance Brings Wonderful Things

Does repentance change God’s mind? That’s a very interesting question. It seems that true repentance does touch God’s heart and causes him to change some of the punishment that was forthcoming. There are many examples of this,…..  from the people of Ninevah who repented in sackcloth and ashes … “when God saw what they did, how … Continue reading Repentance Brings Wonderful Things