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“Classic BLOGS… from the past”

Originally posted April 26, 2020 “What, Me Worry” My mother used to say “boy, your father was a “worrier; he really knew how to worry”.  I guess that’s where I inherited my tendency to worry. Ask Judy if I’m a worrier and she won’t say a word, but her “eyebrows” will go up…. Hmmm. Worry is … Continue reading “Classic BLOGS… from the past”

“Moses, The Meekest Of Men”

Meekness is often considered a weakness….”wishy washy…going along with anything, Casper Milk Toast….”. A better definition is “strength under control” …. “allowing God to defend you”.  Moses was called the meekest man on the face of the earth. (Numbers 12:3) In today’s reading the brother and sister of Moses tried to push him around….complaining that “hey, God … Continue reading “Moses, The Meekest Of Men”

“No Pain, No Gain”

“No pain, no gain”. We’ve all heard that phrase over the years…from parents, siblings, teachers, coaches, sergeants, bosses, etc. That message is usually delivered to us when we’re in pain…. “tough it out, Mr. Big Baby”.  I think the message is pretty clear… we need to push through discomfort and even pain to accomplish a particular goal, … Continue reading “No Pain, No Gain”