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“Classic BLOGS… from the past”

Originally posted April 26, 2020 “What, Me Worry” My mother used to say “boy, your father was a “worrier; he really knew how to worry”.  I guess that’s where I inherited my tendency to worry. Ask Judy if I’m a worrier and she won’t say a word, but her “eyebrows” will go up…. Hmmm. Worry is … Continue reading “Classic BLOGS… from the past”

“Yikes, Am I Prepared?”

Am I prepared ? Am I prepared for the upcoming test, the audition, the job interview, maybe meeting new people, or leading a group session, etc. There's often that nagging question. I frequently  read at daily mass; I prepare by going over the readings prior to mass and at least whisper a prayer asking the Lord … Continue reading “Yikes, Am I Prepared?”

“Pondering The Things Of God”

Often as Judy and I are out driving, I’ll hear, “Oh, look at those beautiful clouds…. they look like wispy flowers… that one looks like oatmeal…. oh that one is fluffy like a marshmallow”. Each day the conversation is a bit different with different clouds and different descriptions. She often wonders about the person in … Continue reading “Pondering The Things Of God”

“Want To Be Happy”

Originally Posted March 12, 2021 It was the mid 1950”s and we had just moved back to St. Louis after my father’s death; we lived in a 3rdstory apartment that was owned by a Jewish family. They adhered to the  Jewish tradition of placing a “mezuzah” on the doorpost of each apartment. “The mezuzah (the Hebrew word for … Continue reading “Want To Be Happy”

“Happy in The Lord’s Presence”

Originally Posted March 11, 2021 “Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked.” (Ps. 84:10)  Sometimes I can think that I can only be happy if my situation changes and my trials are … Continue reading “Happy in The Lord’s Presence”

“When At Peace…All Is Well With My Soul”

When I'm at peace, all is well with my soul. The outward situation may be lousy, but if I’m at peace, all is well with my soul. On the contrary, I could have just won the lottery and if I’m “out of peace”, all is not well with my soul.  I just read a brief … Continue reading “When At Peace…All Is Well With My Soul”

“How To Prepare For The Storms”

Who can predict the future …..  the weatherman, your stockbroker, political figures???  Hmmmm….. I think we know the answer to that. Occasionally we can get it right…”even a broken clock is right twice a day”, but often we are surprised by what’s happening.     "Jesus Calms The Storm" I’ve always been somewhat of an analyst, trying to figure … Continue reading “How To Prepare For The Storms”