“Wedding At Notre Dame”

Made It To Indiana

Well, we just left our daughter Cristin’s home in Lansing after a great visit. Cath & Chris packed their suitcases, stroller, car seat and miscellaneous items into the car with our stuff and we’re off to South Bend for the wedding. Nina is complaining a bit about riding on the roof in her car seat, but it seems to be working out. It’s about two and a half hours to South Bend and despite some rain, we’re moving pretty well.

Fast forward…..it’s now Saturday morning, Greg & Jess’s wedding is in a few hours. We had a great time last night as people began arriving, nice dinner with friends, a nightcap at O’Rourke’s in the shadows of the Golden Dome of Notre Dame. 

Wow, the wedding was terrific at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart at Notre Dame… beautiful mass, homily, music followed by a walk thru the campus, including lighting a candle at the Grotto to the Blessed Mother.

A great point Fr. Pawel made at the wedding homily was the urgency to repent that Peter exhibited. Preaching from the gospel of John, he sighted the fact that “when Peter heard that it was the Lord, he put on his clothes … and sprang into the sea… they were about 100 yards out.” (John 21:7) He didn’t wait for the boat to come in… he needed to get to Jesus. There’s something about true repentance where an urgency develops to make things right…maybe it’s telling someone you hurt that you’re sorry and asking their forgiveness… maybe it’s getting to confession to experience the Lord’s mercy and forgiveness. When we experience the burden of sin, we want to get freed up…now…. a great lesson.

“The Vows”

After Mass on Sunday morning, we leave South Bend and continue our road trip to visit Judy’s brother Larry and family in Carmel (Indianapolis suburb). Hold on to your hat, I’m sure there’s more adventure to come.

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