For our 51st wedding anniversary our youngest son gave us a 55” TV. I have to say I can see a lot better. While we don’t watch much TV, we have begun to watch a few more things. 

Marshall Matt Dillon

I’ve recently seen a few episodes of the old “Gunsmoke” TV series that ran from 1955 to 1975 with 635 total episodes. James Arness starred as Marshall Matt Dillon. You of course also remember, Chester, old Doc Adams, and Miss Kitty. Actually the plots are pretty good and I love that Matt really controlled his emotions and didn’t yell a lot…but when Matt took action, watch out. Besides, being 6’7” tall and a fast draw, Matt was also a smart cookie. He kept order in Dodge and the Long Branch Saloon. Once Matt arrived, everybody calmed down. 

Reading through the New Testament, Jesus was a bit like Marshall Dillon. (Actually better to say that Matt was a bit like Jesus) No matter what was going on, when the Lord arrived, things would be taken care of. If there was no wine, 180 gallons of the best wine appeared. If someone was sick or even dead, healing happened. …. possessed of demons, deliverance happened. If confused about God, clarity from the Lord dispelled the confusion and conversions happened. If the multitudes were hungry, food was multiplied.  If the “big shots” were pushing people around and trying to intimidate and confuse, the Lord put them in their place and quick. And finally, if mankind was trapped in a world of sin and death and Satan, then Jesus conquered all of that and opened up heaven by his death and resurrection. Incredible !!!

I think there is something in all of us that rejoices when “wrongs are righted and the good are defended and rewarded …. and the bad are punished.” I think we are all tired of evil seeming to win. Jesus did it all and did it perfectly as the son of the most high God. He will come again to finish up the great victory he has won. 

In the meantime, I hope it’s okay to enjoy Matt Dillon and all the “good guys” who vicariously take care of the “bad guys”. It’s also good if we participate with the Lord and do our part in cleaning up some of the mess. With the Lord and in the power of the Holy Spirit, let’s “kick the devil out of Dodge.”

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