“Even Smarty Pants Can Go To Heaven”

Today we hear a lot about science…. Science is the answer… listen to the doctors and the professors. Well, I’m definitely not anti-science. I think science has made major contributions to life on this earth over the years. Hey, did I ever tell you about my project while a chemist at a big Fortune 100 … Continue reading “Even Smarty Pants Can Go To Heaven”

The Resurrection …. No Turning Back

During this Easter Season, the body of readings are so numerous and so powerful, it’s difficult to take them in. Any one story from scripture concerning the resurrection and the days following demand a lifetime of pondering. Yet the tendency is to read through them and then move to the next one. To be honest … Continue reading The Resurrection …. No Turning Back

“Yikes, It’s Holy Week Already”

It’s Holy Week… how’s everyone doing with their Lenten practices … having a good Lent? A good friend of mine often says that “God designs his Lent and it usually contains a number of surprises… unplanned interruptions.” Well my friend had unplanned Heart Surgery during this Lent, so it looks like his theory is gaining … Continue reading “Yikes, It’s Holy Week Already”

“No Turning Back” 

Sometimes I wonder which actor will play me when they make a movie about my life. Will it be Paul Newman or Arnold Schwarzenegger, or perhaps Boris Karloff. Boris starred as the monster in the original Frankenstein movies…. yes Boris was quite a handsome and charismatic actor…. what elocution and articulation as he uttered those … Continue reading “No Turning Back” 

“Wow, Great Grandparents”

On the back cover of the November 3, 1994 Daily News, the headline read “Clueless Joe…Torre Has No Idea What He’s Getting Into”. The author of the article was Ian O’Connor. To be honest, I’ve never heard of Ian O’Connor, but I have heard of Joe Torre, and he led the Yankees to four World Series titles. Gee Ian, I … Continue reading “Wow, Great Grandparents”

“Our Weakness Should Not Terrify Us”

Originally Posted Oct. 8, 2021 I’m in the process of reading one of my favorite books for the 3rd time. It’s the autobiography of Thomas Merton, entitled , “The Seven Story Mountain”. It’s his  spiritual odyssey from a young man growing up in the US and Europe,….  English prep schools, to Cambridge, and then to Columbia…a life of … Continue reading “Our Weakness Should Not Terrify Us”

“1,000 & Counting”

Can you believe that we published our 1,000th BLOG yesterday. 1000 divided by 365 day, equals 2.7 years of BLOGS…. almost three years of BLOGS. To be perfectly honest I often re-published some BLOGS on the weekend, so there are not 1,000 original BLOGS….. probably about 900 or so originals and 100 or so repeats. Also … Continue reading “1,000 & Counting”

The Balm Of Forgiveness

The theme of yesterday’s Mass reading from Matthew 18:21-35 was  FORGIVENESS. The above passage ends with the judge handing the unforgiving person over to the torturers and Jesus saying, “ so will my heavenly father do to you unless you forgive your brother from the heart.” (Mt. 18:35) Forgiveness is extremely  important to God.  This theme was picked … Continue reading The Balm Of Forgiveness

“Risking All For God”

Some people seem to love a good fight; they like to stir the pot. When things get too quiet, there they are giving somebody the “hotfoot”. If you say Mickey Mantle was the best Yankee of all time, they come back with both barrels championing Joe D or the Babe.  What can I say ? They … Continue reading “Risking All For God”