“Our Weakness Should Not Terrify Us”

Originally Posted Oct. 8, 2021 I’m in the process of reading one of my favorite books for the 3rd time. It’s the autobiography of Thomas Merton, entitled , “The Seven Story Mountain”. It’s his  spiritual odyssey from a young man growing up in the US and Europe,….  English prep schools, to Cambridge, and then to Columbia…a life of … Continue reading “Our Weakness Should Not Terrify Us”

“Should We Keep This Quiet?”

I’m often puzzled by the Lord’s instruction to those he had healed. In essence he would tell them, “keep this quiet and don’t tell anyone”…. and they went out and told everyone…… hmmmmmm.  Perhaps this is the most disobeyed command we see in the gospels.  In Mark chapter one, he healed a leper and then “ sternly charged … Continue reading “Should We Keep This Quiet?”

Black Friday– Another Opportunity To Give Thanks

Well it’s Thanksgiving night and I have to say I had a wonderful Thanksgiving …. great meal, enriching fellowship with  a lot of laughs, modified slightly by  some mediocre football viewing. You may be wondering did I overdo anything. Yes I must confess that I ate too much. I’m serious, I ate too much. The food was … Continue reading Black Friday– Another Opportunity To Give Thanks

Decide To Be Content

Merlin Carothers and Padre Pio are two of my favorite holy people. Each has played a significant role in moving me to love and serve the Lord. Merlin’s autobiographical book “Prison To Praise” caught my attention over 50 years ago when I was trying my best to keep the Lord at a distance. I re-read … Continue reading Decide To Be Content

Let’s Enjoy Our Differences

We are all so different. We are different in our likes and dislikes, in our motivations, in our personalities. We are certainly different in our physical characteristics…. height, weight, “looks”.  Doing my usual extensive research for the BLOG, I discovered that there are 4 different personality types. No wait, hold on…. others say there are … Continue reading Let’s Enjoy Our Differences

Thy Help Made Me Great

We’re just finishing the life of King David as we make our way thru the “Bible In A Year” with Fr. Mike Schmitz; in truth it may end up being the Bible in two or three years.  King David is such a compelling character… certainly one of my favorites.  King David We follow the simple shepherd … Continue reading Thy Help Made Me Great