“Stand In The Door”

The second to last command to paratroopers getting ready to exit the airplane is “stand in the door”… they’ve already heard “stand up… hook up…check equipment. They are ready to go… all the preparation is completed… they are just waiting for the final command.  It is much like our walk with the Lord. Before the … Continue reading “Stand In The Door”

“Having A Big Mouth Is Not Always Bad”

For a TV Show that was only on for one year, the “Honeymooners” was a classic. Most people from my generations remember Ralph Kramden as the loveable buffoon who constantly shot himself in the foot. When his latest scheme would come crashing down, he would often shout in desperation, “YOU KNOW WHAT NORTON, I’VE GOT … Continue reading “Having A Big Mouth Is Not Always Bad”

The Resurrection …. No Turning Back

During this Easter Season, the body of readings are so numerous and so powerful, it’s difficult to take them in. Any one story from scripture concerning the resurrection and the days following demand a lifetime of pondering. Yet the tendency is to read through them and then move to the next one. To be honest … Continue reading The Resurrection …. No Turning Back

“No Turning Back” 

Sometimes I wonder which actor will play me when they make a movie about my life. Will it be Paul Newman or Arnold Schwarzenegger, or perhaps Boris Karloff. Boris starred as the monster in the original Frankenstein movies…. yes Boris was quite a handsome and charismatic actor…. what elocution and articulation as he uttered those … Continue reading “No Turning Back” 

“Risking All For God”

Some people seem to love a good fight; they like to stir the pot. When things get too quiet, there they are giving somebody the “hotfoot”. If you say Mickey Mantle was the best Yankee of all time, they come back with both barrels championing Joe D or the Babe.  What can I say ? They … Continue reading “Risking All For God”

“It’s Not Easy”

I was recently watching an episode of “The Chosen” and was struck by the dialogue of Jesus with the apostle “James - the Lesser”, who is depicted as having a disability. James is asking for a healing and Jesus does not heal him. It’s pretty intense….. it was a straight forward, non flowery, even blunt … Continue reading “It’s Not Easy”

“The Big MO”

Originally Posted August 25 2021 In Physics, momentum is calculated as the mass times the velocity. For example, a bowling ball (large mass) moving very slowly (low velocity) can have the same momentum as a baseball (small mass) that is thrown fast (high velocity). Ever try to stop a train or battleship, even if they are just creeping along … Continue reading “The Big MO”

“Beware of the Chaos”

Last year we were driving home on the New Jersey Turnpike when a huge thunderstorm overtook us… a deluge; I saw Noah’s ark in the distance.  We were in three lanes of traffic, the wipers were on max, our emergency flashers were on, and you could barely see the car in front of you. I’m still … Continue reading “Beware of the Chaos”

Truth Eliminates Fear

 No one likes to have their weaknesses on display. I remember a time in 8th grade when Sister got the entire class together and divided them into the “A and B” category. She wasn’t fooling anyone, we immediately called it the “smart & dumb” classes. “Hey Smiley, where’d you land…oh, I’m in the dumb class…how about … Continue reading Truth Eliminates Fear


Have you ever tried to perform when you’re fatigued.  If you’re not sure, try this….. go out and run five or six  “50 yard wind sprints”. If you can still stand up, go and try to shoot the basketball, it’s a disaster…. “air ball city”. You probably will limp to the side, become nauseous, and look to … Continue reading Fatigue