“Open The Door” 

Originally Posted Sept. 2, 2021 Recently I’ve been posting a number of BLOGS from last year. As I read some of them I can think, “wow that’s pretty good, or hmmm, not so good.” What’s interesting is that my assessment may not correspond with your assessment.   We all can have different opinions about almost everything. … Continue reading “Open The Door” 

“You Are Beautiful”

Today Judy and I  were asked to “share our faith story” with some young people at Koinonia Academy…. grades 7-12, about 13-18 in age.  Having not spoken to a group of young people for quite awhile, I was trying to remember what would be important to them at that age. Gee, what was I focused on when … Continue reading “You Are Beautiful”

“Only In God Is My Soul At Rest

“In this is love, not that we loved God but that HE LOVED US and sent his Son to be the expiation for our sins.” (1Jon 4:10) This quote from the first letter of St. John is very important. If we don’t get this straight, we can find our self trying to earn our way into God’s … Continue reading “Only In God Is My Soul At Rest

“Swingin Stan The Man”

Sometimes I find myself defending certain positions ….. not arguing with anyone or saying anything, but being somewhat out of sorts because my position isn’t being shared or affirmed. The topic could range from the important to trivial.  Growing up we usually bought Fords, from the Blue ’49 Ford to the ’53 Ford, the ’62 … Continue reading “Swingin Stan The Man”

“God- All Loving & Powerful”

“Love and Power” seem to be the top two characteristics of a great leader, a mighty savior. When we find our self in “dire straights” and are in need of being rescued, we need a  a savior who is loving and powerful…one without the other just doesn’t work out well for us. Think about it. If … Continue reading “God- All Loving & Powerful”