“Thanks …… I Needed That”

In the movies from the '40's & '50's, subtle correction was usually not present. If someone was losing a grip due to some trauma, John Wayne would slap him across the face and say, “Snap Out Of It …slap,slap,slap…..Snap Out Of It”….. and the recipient would say, “Ahhhh, thanks, I needed that.”   Depending on the circumstances, the … Continue reading “Thanks …… I Needed That”

Is My Soul Ready ?

What are some things that need to be in place in order to accomplish an important goal or mission in life? While there are a number of things, let me mention two… “timing and passion”. Back in 1980, Judy and I were praying about moving from Pennsylvania to New Jersey to become part of a new … Continue reading Is My Soul Ready ?

Why Did God Make Me

A catechism is  “a summary of the principles of Christian religion in the form of questions and answers, used for the instruction of Christians.”  Perhaps the most famous catechism in the United States was the Baltimore Catechism….the standard Catholic school text in the country from 1885 to the late 1960s. “The Baltimore Catechism was the national Catholic catechism for children in the United … Continue reading Why Did God Make Me