“Back To My Roots”

For those who have been looking for the BLOG over the last several days and wondering what happened….. well, the BLOG is back. I’ve got a lot of stories rushing around my head from this past week and hopefully some of them may turn into future BLOGS.  

In a “nutshell”, we left for St. Louis on Tuesday and returned to Jersey on Saturday. During those days “we” went to:

  • a couple of Cardinal games, 
  • a Blues Hockey game, 
  • to the top of the Gateway Arch, 
  • to the “Basilica of St. Louis, King of France” (the Old Cathedral) …built in 1740 and to the new Cathedral, 
  • a tour of St. Louis University led by my niece a professor there with all the new construction and stadiums, 
  • visits to my eldest cousin who’s 92 years old and knew my father better than I did
  • a dinner with some old friends of 50 years ago…. and much more.

So many highlights, it’s hard to know where to start. Fundamentally Judy and I experienced the love of the Lord. My son Jon and wife Joy took great care of us, assisted by their 6 kids who helped out with getting us food, carrying our bags, getting tickets, anticipating our every need. Our son Dave flew in, getting tickets for the Card’s games, engaging the younger boys, taking time with Judy and me…. some great talks. Time with my niece Debby, who we once babysat and now she’s a professor…. time with Joe Touhill and his wife Blanche (ever hear of the Touhill Performing Arts Center…named after Blanche.. also a good friend of Cardinal Dolan)… sharing stories of the “Touhill Family”…. B.D. (Before David).

We had times to share about the love of Christ in our life and pray for a few people, including a kind man who helped us at the airport. 

It’s been over 50 years since we left St. Louis, and the memories are beginning to seem like stories from a familiar novel ..…”oh yes, I remember that, oh yes what ever happened to Pytel, to the O, to “Herc”, …. great guys… oh, they passed away.” All my St. Louis years molded me in so many ways, yet the defining moment was a time in April 1972 on Kingsland Ave when Judy led me in a prayer giving my life to the Lord. On that night, my  life reoriented…. Jesus became my “North Star”, the Lord of my life. He would now direct my life. 

On this Divine Mercy Sunday, St. Faustina describes what happened to me that night in St. Louis over 50 years ago…. when I experienced the power of God’s mercy. “ O soul, whoever you may be in this world, even if your sins were as black as night, do not fear God, weak child that you are, for great is the power of God’s mercy.”  That was a night of good news for me… and that good news is available for you even today, even right now.  

2 thoughts on ““Back To My Roots”

  1. Grace was flowing for the trip on many different levels. There were attacks from the evil one but Jesus gave us victory🙌🏻 I’ll always remember the smile on cousin Joe’s face for our entire visit😊🙌🏻


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