BLOG Update… “There’s Always More”

Since we’re moving into a new year, I thought we should do a little “BLOG housekeeping”.  For the more discerning “BLOGEES”, you may have already noticed some recent changes. The new title is “Dave’s BLOG– There’s Always More”. And the “Onion” is the new symbol of the BLOG. 

I hope you get the implications. There is always more in our life with the Lord. Sometimes you and I make some progress or maybe we don’t…yet there is always more. Christ is always with us, to help us and to change us. We may have made some wonderful strides in eliminating areas of sin in our life…but there’s always more. Let’s not be discouraged when some problem area of our life pops up that we thought we had conquered. In the midst of these trials, the Lord is just going deeper; he changing us more and more to be like him. “There’s Always More”. It’s like peeling an onion… there’s always another layer.

So when you discover an area of weakness or sin in your life resurfacing, don’t be discouraged. Often it’s the Lord taking us deeper. He sees that we are now prepared and ready to go deeper. Maybe we weren’t ready before, but now we are. He’s always about changing us more and more into his image and likeness. Don’t be discouraged. IT’S GOOD NEWS. He’s making us holy. He’s about making us into saints. It’s not easy. 

On a practical area, I hope to continue to publish new BLOGS during the week and past BLOGS on the weekend. Yet, there will be times where life will dictate some other plan…maybe no BLOG for a time. I like to publish the BLOG to show up at 6:00am; yet, sometimes it doesn’t work and it comes out later in the day. Some days I accidently publish the BLOG right after I finish it and we end up with two in one day….. oh well. 

So, that’s the update as we move into 2023. Remember with the Lord, there’s always more… and that is very good news.

4 thoughts on “BLOG Update… “There’s Always More”

  1. Thank you for the time and prayer you give to write what the Lord is saying to you. I usually read it first and one word usually pops out to me that stays on my mind and has a good effect on my day. Keep up the good work!


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