“Keep Our Head In The Clouds….”

Originally Posted August 13, 2021

I wonder how Moses felt coming down from Mount Sinai? He spent 40 days in the presence of God, conversing, receiving the 10 commandments. His countenance was so bright, he had to cover his face. Well, I guess he was exhausted. I would think the things of the world were not as bright, as important, as compelling. I would guess he might want to head back to Mount Sinai and just stay with the Lord. 

Have you ever had a spiritual high where you experienced the presence of the Lord in a wonderful way? Maybe it was on a retreat or conference, or a simple time of prayer …..  maybe it was at a wedding, or maybe it was at a funeral. Your head is still “in the clouds”….. pondering the things of eternity. 

But then you’re back down from the mountain; you’re back to the “day to day”. You still have to go to work, get the car repaired, go shopping, schedule the doctor’s appointment, deal with that relationship issue…. Wow, I’d rather be back on the mountain. 

Well, I kind of feel like that today. Many of us just experienced the wake and funeral of our good friend Bone. It was a powerful spiritual experience…. a mountaintop experience. Can’t we just build three tents and hang out on the mountain as Peter suggested at the Transfiguration…… “Lord, it is well that we are here; if you wish, I will make three booths here, one for you and one for Moses and one for Elijah.” (Mt. 17:4) You may recall that God the Father actually interrupted Peter’s request…essentially ignoring it…bad idea Pete. (Mt. 17:5)

So, it looks like we’re down from the mountain and need to get moving in doing God’s will. Moses came down from the mountain and led the people thru the dessert to the promised land. Jesus came down from the mountain and led humanity thru the cross into heaven. So, you and I are coming down from the mountain to do our part…. not quite as dramatic, but if God has given us a part to play, then it’s important… even eternally important. 

Okay, let’s dust off our hat, get a drink of water, shine our shoes, and get going. All those who have gone on before us are cheering us on. It’s our time to make history. We may not be Moses or Elijah or Peter or Bone, but we have our part to play. Let’s do it. And let’s do it with enthusiasm and a smile…”with our feet on the ground and our head in the clouds”…. remembering to REJOICE. 

And all will be well with our soul.


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