“Prayer For The End Of The Year”

Blessed 2023. Wow, the number 2023 makes it seems like something out of an episode of Flash Gordon from 1934….rocket ships to the  moon and Mars and beyond. Yet we are actually living in 2023. Time really does fly.

I just read a beautiful  “Prayer For The End of The Year”, by Catherine De Hueck Doherty in yesterday’s Magnificat. I think part of the reason I like the prayer is that she seems to be reading my mind. Here are a few excerpts:

“As I look back on the year, I see much pain, much suffering, and a great joy. It seems to me that in spite of my sinfulness, I have come a little closer to Christ; I see his face a little more clearly. And seeing his face, I see myself a little better. I received so many graces and gifts from God… yet made little use of them… Lord have mercy. All I can say for myself, as I look at the past year, is that I have tried– alas very badly- to love and serve God and thru him, my brothers and sisters.. I could have and should have done better. But with your help dear Jesus, I will try again…..”

Yes, with your help dear Jesus, I will try again. With your grace dear Lord, we will try again. Give us hope that, with your grace, 2023 will be the best year of our life… a year growing closer to you, loving you more, loving and helping our family and friends more, loving and helping humanity more. 

So, fasten your seat belt like “Flash” did in his exciting comic strip of 1934. Fasten your Holy Spirit seat belt and let’s blast off into a new year of God’s grace. May 2023 be our best year in loving and serving the Lord. And that is very good news. 

One thought on ““Prayer For The End Of The Year”

  1. What a great start to a new year🙌🏻
    I find that in those prayers, God answers them in a surprising way so we have to keep our eyes open and see the Holy Spirit at work👀🕊️


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