Maybe it’s because I’ve been under the weather lately, but I’ve actually been a bit emotional. I can find myself tearing up. I’m not usually that way…. perhaps because growing up, showing your emotions was frowned upon…”don’t be a big baby”; I felt the emotions, but I just kept them below the surface. Well regardless of the reasons, lately I can find myself tearing up… and at times even crying…and occasionally actually sobbing. Why should I be sharing this with the world, or at least with the 12 people who look at my BLOG. Hmmmmmmm.

To be honest many of the thoughts and memories that precipitate the tears are related to people who are important and dear to me. When I ponder the goodness of people who have affected my life, it can bring me to tears…tears of gratitude and appreciation…feelings that probably should be near the surface. Those who loved me and still love me…my parents who are gone, dear friends who helped me, my loving wife and great kids. 

Then there are those who I love that are having a hard time and are really suffering. As I ponder these dear ones and their desperate straits and their deep sorrow, my “tearing up” moves to full tears and even sobbing. I’m not crying for them; I feel I’m experiencing part of their desperation. I’m crying with them.

Many years ago when we were living in Pennsylvania, I received a call that my cousin had overdosed and was in the hospital and it was likely that he would not make it. I didn’t know this particular cousin very well…he was a bit older. I went into a room and started to sob, tears flowing.. and I began to pray, to storm heaven for Dewey…. “Lord, save him, help him, don’t let him die, visit him, show him your love…”.  Well, he made it thru, got married, had kids, and passed away a number of years later.  I don’t know what part my prayers played in his life going forward. I do know I was desperately pleading for his life. I do know that God got my attention and I prayed for this man …… and I vividly remember the experience some 40 years later. May Dewey be with the Lord today in heaven. (see picture)

I’m not unhappy to have some of these emotions closer to the surface. Life should move me. If nothing moves me to tears sometimes, something is wrong with me…sorrow and tragedy and trials should elicit a response. And these tears should lead to action… actions of love. May it be so with me…… and with you.

Jesus was moved to tears at the death of his friend Lazarus. He loved him and felt the loss and cried. Those tears moved our Lord to action… Lazarus come forth ! Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead… what action !!!!

So, may our tears lead us to action ……  lead us to gratitude, lead us to stand with those who are suffering, lead us to love. And if they do, these tears are good. And that is good news.

3 thoughts on “Tears

  1. Thank you Jesus for the ability to cry and get our deep emotions released. I think about how our Mother Mary had to control her emotions during the Passion so as to not cause Jesus more suffering. But after he died I’m sure the sobbing was heard far and wide. Thank you Jesus for our Mother🙌🏻🎁


  2. I have found that tears are more quick to come in these last few years. Often during prayer or worship, or crying with those who are suffering. I’m grateful that the Lord is helping me to experience these emotions.

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