“My First Baseball Mitt”

The “Rawlings PMM” baseball glove was my pride and joy.  I received it on my 9th  birthday back in 1955. I loved that glove. I oiled it every night; I left a baseball in it when I went to bed to help form the pocket. After several weeks it was so supple that when the ball landed, the glove would close over the ball. I would get compliments on how well the glove was “broken in.” The big question in my mind was whether I would use it when I got to the Big Leagues. 

“It Was A Beauty”

I loved to play baseball and was decent. I could hit, was good in the field, and had a pretty good arm. I later ending up pitching. I threw pretty hard until I committed the unforgiveable sin …yep you guessed it, I  began throwing a curve ball…which is a big NO NO for young arms. Well eventually the old “Rawlings PMM” disappeared. 

Is there a point to this BLOG? Hmmmmm, nothing too profound. I guess it does remind me that we go thru different phases in our life and what’s important one day, may not be so important down the road. In 1955 my Rawlings PMM glove was very important to me. Even today, some 65+ years later, I have fond memories and can still almost “smell” the leather. 

But perhaps a bigger point is that when we put our mind toward something, we can make a difference. I worked hard in caring for that baseball glove and it made a difference. There have been other times in my life when I put my mind toward something and was able to make a difference… my studies, my career, my marriage… all important things. But the most important thing was giving my heart to the Lord…. looking to “seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness”(Mt. 6:33). I put my mind and strength in trying to love God and my neighbor, and despite many setbacks, it’s made a difference. It’s definitely made a difference in my life on this earth of 75 years, but I trust that it will make a difference in my eternal life of 80 zillion years and into infinity. 

So, even though this BLOG has “wandered around the neighborhood”, let’s remember to pay attention to the things of eternity… let’s at least give as much of our heart and soul and effort in trying to live for God as we do for caring for the things that are passing away ….. even things like our first baseball mitt. My Rawlings PMM baseball glove…. wow, it was a beauty. 

2 thoughts on ““My First Baseball Mitt”

  1. It’s awesome how Our Lord began his work in you with baseball glove before you really even knew him🙌🏻
    Our good God uses everything in our lives!🙌🏻

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