“Beware of the Default Position”

The default is my automatic setting; used when I lack other options. It’s not a bad place to start but be careful if your default position is the first choice all the time…..” hey if I can’t think of anything, I’ll just go to my default position.” It takes work and discernment to get beyond my default position. Beware of the “Default Position”. 

“Hmmmm, what’s my Default Position”

Frequently going to the “default position” makes me pretty predictable. Those who know me well can tell what’s coming next …” here we go, ole Dave is going to bring up the “fruit stand example” or the story of when he got hit in the head with a baseball when he was 8 years old”. I still remember years ago Judy and I were meeting with a young couple and I was coming to the crescendo of my meaningful story…. you could feel the anticipation, the “coup de gras”  was on its way…. I looked over and Judy was sleeping…. yes sleeping…can you believe it? When I casually brought this up to her later, her response was “ oh, I’ve heard that story many times”. Hmmmmmm.

The “DP” (default position) can be a substitute for seeking the Lord in prayer for his direction…. for his current word…his word and direction for this moment. I can get lazy and depend on something that’s in the pantry. “What’s for dinner tonight, ….. gee I have some SPAM in the pantry….. how about SPAM and a can of beans.” Sometimes my “DP” is the SPAM & BEANS when God would prefer I cook something fresh and enticing and even mouth watering, like the salmon burgers sautéed  with fried onion and zucchini…one of my recent top entrees. (I hope that’s not Judy rolling her eyes that I hear) 

Okay, I think we need to park this BLOG. In summary, let’s be in touch with the Lord each day and hear from the Holy Spirit each day, even each moment. “Holy Spirit, show me how to think, what to say, how to say it, when to be silent…” (Pope John Paul II Morning Prayer) And let’s not overuse our “DP”, but be ready with  the Lord’s fresh word for us and for our brothers and sisters. And that is very good news.

3 thoughts on ““Beware of the Default Position”

  1. Thank you Lord for the natural gifts and talents🙌🏻Those talents need a lot of prayer to use them in the best way in all situations in life🙏 Lord please make me alert to this🙏


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