“Keeping Our Act Together”

I’ve enjoyed watching March Madness this year. There have been many captivating stories ….. from 15 seed St. Peter’s in Jersey City, to 75 year old Coach K of Duke seeking his 6th National Championship in his last year of coaching. Coach Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K for short) is a good man, a good Catholic role model, and  a great coach. Coach K always has his act together

It’s good to have your act together. On my better days, I can think, “hey, I have my act together today.” … I completed my “to-do” list, I was petty kind, I took time for prayer….I’m doing pretty good….”pat…pat….pat….pat on the back”.

We all strive to have our act together… accomplishing goals that we set, living out the life we believe God has for us… doing God’s will. Hopefully we can hear the Lord whispering, “boy, oh Dave has his act together today…good job. But is there any caution we should be aware of when we “have our act together”? Hmmmmmm.

Well, it’s really good when we live our life for the Lord in the various aspects of our vocation. Period….. this is good…..full stop. But while it’s good to live “for Christ”, we can never live “without Christ” ….. without his love, without his mercy, without his grace. We can never say, “ I’ve  got this Lord…. I’m good…. you can let go….the ole master can take it from here….”  

In some ways we can tend to rely on the Lord more when things are not going well…when we don’t have our act together…when we have fallen on our face and need help. Hmmmmmm….

We strive to live our life for the Lord, to be a faithful disciple of Christ. Yet, even when things are going well we need to stay close to the source of this  faithfulness. Jesus is the vine, I’m a branch. I have life as long as I stay close to the Lord…connected to him. I have my act together as long as I don’t try to go it alone. The balance is critical. Striving to keep my act together while knowing that it’s really Christ who enables me to keep my act together. Jesus is the only one who has his act together and we stay close to him and rely on his grace, we will be good.

Sounds simple, but it’s not always easy. So let’s recall the words of Will Smith, “Don’t let failure go to your heart, and don’t let success go to your head”. Or better yet, remember that “pride goes before a fall, but humility before honor.” (Prov. 16:18)

One thought on ““Keeping Our Act Together”

  1. Jesus longs to have a relationship with us all day, everyday. It’s hard to carry him throughout our day and talk to him all the way. That’s when I can think I’m in charge—danger! When I carry Jesus and his word with me throughout my day, there is so much peace🙌🏻


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