“I Love Reading Books”

I enjoy reading. I especially enjoy reading books that really grab me and carry me along … a “wave” that’s moving and I just have to hold on a bit. Yet, often it takes work to catch a wave, and I miss the moment to grab onto it…. 

“Necessity or need” can motivate me to reach our for the “wave”, i.e. I need information for a paper or a talk, or to answer a question, or to solve a problem. Other times, I just want to find out more about a person… maybe a famous statesman or athlete or a relative or hopefully about God. Yet it seems that as I get older, I just enjoy a good story… a story where I can identify with the main character… the main character overcoming obstacles in order to achieve a noble goal…where I can root for the “hero” and hopefully learn some life lessons myself. 

If I find a good book, I like it to be long….at least 500 pages or more. I don’t want it to end. I remember reading the “Hobbit” many years ago and getting so intrigued that I would read late into the night and be exhausted the next day. I was so excited to discover that “The Lord of The Rings Trilogy” picked up where the Hobbit left off.  

So, what’s the point of this BLOG ? To be honest, I don’t know. I’m reminded of a quote from Louis Lamour ….  “One day I was speeding along at the typewriter, and my daughter – who was a child at the time – asked me, “Daddy, why are you writing so fast?” And I replied, “Because I want to see how the story turns out!” So, I’m just typing away wondering if a “point for the BLOG ” may pop up… wondering how the BLOG turns out.  Hmmmmmm.

Well, right now I have a lot of books on my shelf that I haven’t read… many are gifts from Judy or family and friends. Some take real work to get into… a certain “activation energy” (i.e. chemical reaction); others may be “over my head”. Yet, I’m sure all would be good for me to read… hopefully helping me to learn more about the Lord, or to gain help in climbing some “spiritual mountain”, or to even take my mind off my problems. So, the point of the BLOG is ……

Anyway, I believe the Lord is calling me to get organized and to begin plowing thru the stack of books on my desk. I’ll keep you posted. You never know, some important points gleaned from the readings  may find their way into future BLOGS. 

Regardless of all this, let me recall a quote from Archbishop Martinez, first official Primate of Mexico, “ I know only one thing: that today as yesterday, that tomorrow as today, that this year as last, God loves me, and he loves me as my heart yearns to be loved—no much more than I dare aspire to. I know only that during this year as in the past I shall continue to live in the arms and in the heart of Jesus, and that he, with incomparable solicitude, will rule over all things including each detail of my life, designing all for my good and for my happiness.” (ref. Magnificat, 2-5-22) Wow, that is very good news. Hmmmmm….. I wonder if the Archbishop has written any books.



3 thoughts on ““I Love Reading Books”

  1. The written word still does what it’s intended to do—take time to process. May we stop being in a hurry and take time to process🙏


  2. My eldest living relative, and my last blood uncle, was thrilled to find out Jesus Loved him. And he was in his 80’s when he found out. It changed his life and all for the better. Safe in the Hands of the Lord.


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