“Get Off The Fence”

“Being on the fence means you really just can’t decide. It’s as if you’re sitting on the fence because you can’t decide which yard to play in. If you can’t decide whether to take a job or not, you’re on the fence. If you don’t know which basketball team to root for, you’re on the fence. This word is all about indecision. When you make a choice or commitment, you’re no longer on the fence.” (vocabulary.com) 

“Don’t Get Comfortable”

As long as you’re “on the fence”, you still have an opportunity to decide; but, there comes a point when you run out of options…you are trapped into a choice… maybe the wrong choice. King Herod was “on the fence” about John he Baptist. “Herod enjoyed listening to John, knowing he was a. righteous and holy man.” (Mk. 6:14-29) Yet, over time due to his pride and drunkenness, he got pushed to the wrong side of the fence and ended up killing John… a terrible decision that he seemed to regret.

Part of the motivation to “living life on the fence” is thinking that we have unlimited time to make the decision…. I’ll think about it tomorrow. “Making the right decision will cost me …. I think I’ll wait a bit longer… plenty of time.”

While we often need time to decide about a decision, needing to pray and seek wise counseling; nevertheless, there comes a point when it’s time to decide. Delaying further, “kicking the can down the road”, staying on the fence…is a bad decision. Opportunities may pass, choices may no longer exist…. we become trapped like King Herod.

Some 50 years ago I had been pondering “giving my life to the Lord, making a decision for Christ…. walking out on the water…” This had been going on for awhile, but I remained on the fence. One night, by the grace of God, I decided to get off the fence, to trust in God’s promises, to make a decision. It was the most important decision of my life. My life took a radical shift toward God and his ways…from confusion and anxiety to peace and confidence. I’m so happy I made that choice. It was the right time. 

I fear that if I had continued to delay this decision, that I may have missed the opportunity, the grace may have dissipated …. my heart may have grown cold. I once heard an analogy that grace is like an offensive line in football opening a gap for the runner to go through…it opens for only a brief moment and then closes…if the runner zips thru he goes for a big gain…if he delays, he’s stopped for a loss. I think that may be true of opportunities in life…we need to seize them when they appear. 

So, the point of the BLOG is pray seriously about decisions that lie before us, so  that we can make the right choice at the right time. God will help us…it needn’t be a mystery. And who knows, we might break thru the line for a touchdown. And that is very good news. 

One thought on ““Get Off The Fence”

  1. Thank you for taking the grace and running with the decision to follow the Lord. It took courage but grace provided that also and our lives have been incredibly blessed🙌⚓️❤️


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