“Don’t Imitate The Rich Young Ruler”

I had cataract surgery a couple of months ago. Many who have had that surgery walk out and  proclaimed “Eureka …I can see”. Well, I’m shouting eureka with a “small e”. I’m doing pretty well (I’m 20:20), but I’m still figuring out my reading and computer glasses… shifting to a pair of “cheaters” when I’m looking at my phone or looking at my food.  When I do pop on those glasses, the subject springs into focus…it’s great. I’m hopeful that things will sort their way out and all will be well with my eyes. 

“God Is Calling Us Deeper”

Today my wife Judy gave me a great meditation from God’s Word Among Us (Jan. 15, 2022) Maybe I liked it because it spoke to something I’ve been wrestling with for awhile. The key point of the meditation is that God is always calling us deeper… if we’re a new Christian or have been serving the Lord for many years… he’s always calling us to the “more”. This may sound pretty obvious when you put on your “spiritual glasses” and things come into focus… but often it can take time to find your glasses. 

There is never a time in our lives that we can safely say, “okay I’ve arrived and will now stay here at this point in my friendship with God.” It sure didn’t work out well for the rich young ruler. (ref. Mark 2:13-17) Like the rich young ruler, I’ve also tried this at times and it doesn’t work. I often need to be reminded that “I haven’t died and gone to heaven … I haven’t crossed any finish line… there’s still time left in the game.” To be honest, at times I would like to pause and coast over the finish line…”hey I have enough momentum, let me coast the last bit… relax and enjoy the view….bla,bla,bla.” That is a very bad strategy… you may stop before the finish line. 

The Lord Jesus always wants to move us along in our walk of discipleship. He loves us and wants only the best for us. He’s still in the process of transforming us into his beautiful image and likeness. We need to be ready and not even think about resting on our laurels. The only laurels belong to the Lord. So, fasten your seatbelt, put on your glasses and hold on…there are many great adventures remaining for each of us…and with those adventures will be some wonderful surprises, along with unexpected challenges. And all will be well, not only with our eyes, but most importantly with our souls. And that is very good news.

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