“It All Belongs To God”

An important consideration one makes approaching retirement, is whether he has enough money to live on during retirement. Not having have a steady income from his job, he will need to live off savings and social security, etc. Hey, if I die young, no problem; on the other hand, if I live another 25 years, I may run out of money. Yikes. 

One of the key issues that can get ignored here is “what about God”…. where does God fit in the equation? Does God have a role here? I have trusted him for my life these last many years, for my wife and family, for my job, for many decisions.  So how about now?  Is God saying, “Dave, you’re on your own now… I got you this far… now it’s between you and social security…Adios.” Well, I don’t think God is saying that, but if we’re not careful, we can think this is the case.

Retirement is not just about having enough money to live, it’s about continuing to serve the Lord.. continuing to pray, fast, and give alms…. to serve and to love God and our neighbor. A dilemma I can face is to focus too much on protecting myself and forget about being generous and kind to others in need. I read a quote from Domino Pizza founder, Tom Monaghan, that said he wants to die broke… he’s wants to give away all his money knowing he can’t take it with him. Good for him. 

At some point we will only have a few hours before we meet the Lord. At that point all our resources won’t really matter…only what we have done for Christ. So may we live each day as if it’s our last. In the words of a dear friend who recently passed…. “ My bags are packed”. He was ready to see the Lord. May it be true of each of us. 

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