“Sharpening The Saw”

Originally Posted Dec. 31, 2020

Wow, it’s New Year’s Eve and 2020 is almost over. People are saying, “I can’t wait for 2020  to be over…… 2021 will be a welcome relief.”

Gee, I don’t know that 2021 is going to be better. I pray and hope it will be, but I’m not certain…. it could be worse……hmmmmmmm. Regardless of what lies instore for us in 2021, the secret to our happiness will be clinging to the Lord. “Come hell or high water”, Jesus is our hope and our peace and our joy. Staying close to the Lord will enable 2021 to be an excellent year…maybe the best year in our life. 

“Sharpening The Saw”

I remember my mother being asked what she wanted for Christmas, and she would say “I just want you kids to get along”. We would quickly respond, “no, what do you really want”. She would repeat, “I really want you to get along”. She wanted peace.

If I’m asked what I want for 2021…I think I would say the same as my mother… ”I want peace…I want everyone to get along”. More fundamentally,  I want “God’s will to be done”. In truth, if his will is done, we will have peace and people will get along. 

Well, what’s my role in all this? I know if I’m more conformed to his will,… I will be at peace and I will contribute to God’s peace. I know that when I focus more on others than on myself, things are better. So what do I specifically need to change in my life going forward in 2021 ….. a very good question. 

I would say that, “I need to keep myself spiritually sharp so that I’m ready to love as occasions arise”. I need to do “preventive maintenance”. Keeping the “tools” in good order keeps me ready.  If you’re cutting down trees, you need to schedule “sharpening the saw” on a regular basis. If not, you will have a very hard time and it won’t go well. For me, “sharpening the saw” includes praying daily, eating properly, getting exercise, some reading and study. This allows me to be ready when it’s time to love, when it’s time to “deny myself and pick up the cross”. When I do this I stay spiritually sharp and am able and willing to love. 

Sounds simple….. sounds easy. Well, I don’t think it’s simple or easy. But by the grace of God, it’s possible. Lord help me to do this. It will make me happier and in turn I can help others be happier. And it will be my contribution to a very good 2021.

2 thoughts on ““Sharpening The Saw”

  1. This was great to read as we’re starting 2022…

    This was helpful for me to read:
    “I need to keep myself spiritually sharp so that I’m ready to love as occasions arise”

    Good goal for me. Thanks Dad.


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