Happy Thanksgiving !!!

I’ve always liked Thanksgiving…. the four day break from the workweek…. a pause before the Advent and Christmas season…. generally less tension. I loved the smell of the turkey cooking all day long… a football game in the background… maybe a glass of wine or two. After the meal everyone is a bit sleepy.


Yet,  is it the turkey that makes you sleepy? After some exhaustive research I found the following.  “… as your body digests all of your family’s traditional dishes, the Serotonin metabolizes into Melatonin, which can make people feel drowsy. … So, while Tryptophan is found in turkey, we found it’s false, it doesn’t make you tired. That it’s really the meal as a whole that prepares you for some zzz’s.”(webMD) Regardless, everyone is pretty tired on Thanksgiving night…but the good news is that Friday is a holiday and you can rest up.

One final thought. On Thanksgiving let’s  be sure to thank God for the many blessings we’ve received. We are so blessed. Let’s thank the Lord for family and friends, for our nation, for the Church… and most of all, for our great salvation in Jesus Christ, our Lord. We are so blessed. And let’s make it a habit to be grateful, everyday.

Happy Thanksgiving !!!

2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving !!!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Dad!

    I’m very grateful for this blog that keeps me connected to you and keeps my eyes on Jesus.

    I love you.


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