“Eternal Harmony”

Have you ever heard  a song and it captures something in your soul…. touching an emotion, perhaps bringing tears to your eyes? I’m not talking about a catchy tune; I’m not referring to the classic response on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand in the 1960’s to the latest rock song….. “ well, it’s got a good beat and you can dance to it”. I’m talking about a song that lifts you up into the heavenlies. 

“Heavenly Music”

St. John Newman described these certain songs as, “ having escaped from some higher sphere … the outpourings of eternal harmony in the medium of created sound … they are echoes from our home … they are the voice of angels, or the magnificat of saints, of divine attributes… they are for the comfort of God’s elect, for the edification of his church.” (ref. Magnificat, Nov. 22, 2021)

Wow… “ the outpouring of eternal harmony… echoes from our heavenly home…. for our comfort, from some higher sphere”. Sometimes I hear a song  and  I experience this… at least to some extent. Often I’m brought to tears. The music extracts something from my soul and I’m lifted up into another realm… a heavenly realm. 

We’re all different so certain music may touch my soul and not touch your soul and vice versa ; occasionally we may agree. I think God also tailors  the music to the state of our soul at the moment… maybe at the time of great joy or great sorrow. At the recent funeral of a dear friend, we sang a beautiful song entitled “Well Done”… which depicts the faithful soul meeting God at death. I began to weep… partly because of the loss of my friend, but also because of the beauty of the song, describing that moment of eternal love. The song “escaped from some higher sphere … from our heavenly home.” It was wonderful. Well, we need to hear this heavenly music. We need to be lifted up into the heavenlies. So, at the risk of presenting a song that has touched my soul at times, but may not touch yours, I’ll leave you with the following song.  May you experience a bit of the “echoes from our home”. Click on the following link.  

2 thoughts on ““Eternal Harmony”

  1. Music is a HUGE way that God speaks to me, moves my soul and gaze to the Heavens.

    You sent me the song O Love by Elaine Hagenberg at a crucial point in my life, and that’s what popped into my head when I was reading today. I just listened to it now again. It gave me hope for one of my kids, that God loves us and will not let us go.


  2. May Christ arise with his power and strength as we bury our friend Michele today and minister to all of us as so many loved ones receive their heavenly reward. Lift our eyes to see what we must see to be ready to meet you dear Jesus🙏


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