“Happy Mothers Day”

I know I’m a bit late with this, but “Happy Mother’s day”. I really enjoyed Mother’s Day this year watching motherhood be celebrated. There are 10 mothers in our immediate family… my  wife Judy, 7 daughters, and 2 daughters-in-law. They are mothers to a combined 50 children and grandchildren. They are each extraordinary and  wonderful mothers and beautiful and holy wives. 

Somehow it seemed that they all were honored in a “special” way this year, but my wife was honored and recognized in a “special, special” way. We had a wonderful celebration on Saturday evening with great food and cheer and honoring and terrific gifts. The cards she received were so heartfelt and encouraging. 

I think our girls continue to experience Judy’s goodness and motherhood even more because they are now mothers. Judy never stops being a mother. She is still a “rock” for her 10 kids. She prays for them many times a day, she encourages, helps with the grandkids, makes dinners…….she’s still a mother who the kids know is always in their corner. And she got some great gifts including flowers, and a new shovel for her gardening… she loves to garden. 

With marriage under attack in our society today, it’s really important that we celebrated these moments. It’s said that the mother is the “heart of the home”. They suffer thru all the hardships of a family over the years, but do not give up.  They are always hopeful, praying that all the problems of the family will be resolved. I remember my mother replying to the question, “what do you want for mother’s day..… “I just want everyone to get along”. Mothers want love and harmony to prevail, for the kids to do well and to ultimately go to heaven.

So, Happy Mother’s day to all the wonderful mothers out there. You are doing a great job. God sees every act of love you make for your family, and you will one day get a great reward.

4 thoughts on ““Happy Mothers Day”

  1. Motherhood is a very special gift from our Loving Father and not a given. Many women long to be a mother and I pray for them. Grace abounds for mother’s as we look to the one who created motherhood. Fathers establish mothers by their love and respect for their wives. God’s plan for marriage is glorious but we must seek it❤️💐I love being a mother!


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