“Thanks For The Help”

The “signature product” from my work shop is a Christmas Nativity Stable. I’ve been making them for more than 20 years and often given them as a wedding gift. I patterned it after one made by Judy’s Uncle.

As I get older, the challenge of making them increases…..what I used to do a bit more intuitively, is getting harder. How do I make that cut….. did I measure that right…..where is that tool…. 

I realized recently that I need to make at least 5 for upcoming gifts. I went to the local lumber yard and asked them to cut a sheet of plywood in sections which can save me real time…unfortunately when I got home, I realized that I had given them the wrong instructions … yikes. Well, the bottom line is that to salvage my purchase I would need to make a smaller stable. After making a new prototype, I asked for opinions, and everyone said they like the new “smaller” size. Hmmmm… I was surprised.

Anyway, my son David was visiting from Nashville for Mother’s Day. Before he left, he offered to help me with the stables. He has helped me over the years and could make them in his sleep. So, as my head was spinning and the sawdust was flying, we knocked out all the components in about 3 hours. Now, I just need to finish them up …assemble, stain, some final touches. Wow, what a blessing. 

So, what is the message of this BLOG ? Well, I experienced God’s love thru my son thru the process. I think he knew I needed help and jumped in to bail me out. When I was cutting some wood on the table saw, it kicked back and hit me in the stomach and thumb…. nothing serious, but he subtly suggested that he do that cutting and I do a less demanding job.  “Assist your brethren in their need whenever you can” (Quadrupani , “Light & Peace”, p. 146.)  This is a description of Christian charity. This is what I experienced today. 

So, as we’re able, let’s all look to “assist our brothers and sisters in their need.” It may be something big or small, but regardless, passing on Christ’s love to someone is always good.  

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