“Let’s Set The World On Fire”

I enjoy the morning. I enjoy savoring the new day, before the “rush” of the day takes over. Sometimes Judy and I will just sit together enjoying a cup of coffee. Usually I don’t want to move. I want time to stop, but she gets a bit antsy because she has a lot on her plate and needs to get started. I may have a lot on my plate and NOT want to get started. We are very different

“Better Pray Before You Jump On”

I assume we’re all familiar with the “moving sidewalks” you find at most airports. They actually work pretty well and enable you to cover a lot of ground pretty quickly. It’s usually a bit tricky to enter the walkway because it’s moving faster than you are.  Well, as I’m sitting there in the morning, peacefully drinking my coffee, I see the “moving walkway of life” in front of me. I know once I hop on things are going to move fast and I won’t be able to “relax” until the day has been “far spent”. Yikes. 

Well, I guess this little exercise can cause us to consider one thing. We better get ready before we jump on the “moving walkway or treadmill of life”. It’s good that we get some real prayer in the morning, offering our day to the Lord, offering praise and worship to our God…. perhaps even getting to Mass. Once we’re prepared, we can take a running leap onto the walkway. When we’re prepared it can be an exhilarating ride….. wooooo, here we go…good things are coming today… with Christ at my side, all will be well with my soul.

Today is the feast day of Catherine of Sienna. She once said  “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” Wow, let’s get ready in our morning prayer and then move out to set the world on fire. 

2 thoughts on ““Let’s Set The World On Fire”

  1. Jesus is so happy to see us in the morning as his Holy Spirit is waiting to guide us and lead us and talk to us but our souls must be open to his presence!


  2. Love the thought this morning. I too enjoy a slow morning onramp to the treadmill of life with a cup of coffee and the kids screaming while getting ready for school. haha.


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