“Tap Your Inheritance”

I have too many thoughts in my head today. As I try to put them together in one story, they become a bit too “discombobulated”. So, let me just “cut to the chase” with one thought.…. okay, here we go.

My Inheritance

If you had a huge $500 million dollar inheritance, but either you didn’t know about it or decided not to use it….it wouldn’t matter. You are a rich man, but in truth, you are a poor man;  none of the money will do you any good. You and those you love may have many needs that money could resolve, but it would make no difference. 

  • “If my mother had the money she could get that expensive operation and be  cured… my friend is living out of a box under a bridge, if he had money he could get a nice place to live ….. my nephew is smart but he has no money for school… etc., etc., etc.”  I could help all of them with my inheritance, but I choose not to do it. Gee, that would be a shame. I have this great inheritance, but I decide not to “tap” it. 

Well, Jesus made a huge deposit in each of our spiritual bank accounts. With this bank account we can receive forgiveness for all your sins, a life of peace and joy on this earth, and a promise of life everlasting in heaven. It’s there for the asking…but we need to ask…. we need to make the withdrawal. If it sits there , it will do us no good. 

So, the message is simple. Our inheritance is available to each of us. The Lord paid a great price to provide it for us. Don’t leave it dormant. Tell the Lord that you want your inheritance. Fill out the “paperwork”…it’s pretty straightforward. Simply tell the Lord that you love him, thank him for dying on the cross for your sins, ask him to forgive you, tell him you will follow him as your Lord… and receive your great inheritance… this free gift of salvation. If it’s a bit confusing, just ask the Holy Spirit to help you… He will. 

And congratulations, you are a rich man.


3 thoughts on ““Tap Your Inheritance”

  1. This truth has enabled me to accomplish all that I have since I sincerely accepted it when I was 24 years old. God is so forgiving and patient with me🙌🏻


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