“Running Out Of Gas”

Last year I was dropping a friend off at the airport late on a Sunday night. As I pulled away, I noticed that my gas gage was on empty and the warning light was on. I quickly realized there were no gas stations near by and I was close to running out of gas. It reminded me of situations many years ago when you always had to pay attention to where the next gas station was…. especially if you were traveling far from home and it was night time. …. will I make it? What a relief when you saw an open gas station with the lights shinning. 

Sometimes I experience stopping for my “daily prayer”  like stopping at the gas station…”fill it up Jesus…. I’m pretty low on spiritual grace and I’m ready to “conk out”. 

Well, I have a good prayer time…feel uplifted and full of courage and peace …. my spiritual windshield has been cleaned .. and I’m ready to step out onto the “New Jersey Turnpike of Life”. Thanks so much Lord…wonderful prayer… I’ll see you later, down the road.. have a good day… whistle, whistle, whistle

Well, before I know it , my spiritual tank is on empty again…gee, I just had my prayer time, why do I feel empty….. hmmmmmm.

Experiencing the grace of the Lord is a bit like how Israel experienced the “manna in the desert”…manna  was for the present moment, you couldn’t save it up and use it later. We always need our “source of manna” with us. We always need to be close to the Lord. We need Jesus by our side, all the time. You can’t receive his grace and then turn and say goodbye. 

The grace is JesusThe grace is Jesus by our side

  • What’s the answer to ridding our self of fear? The answer is staying by the side of him who has conquered all fear…. Jesus. 
  • What’s the key to having peace that passes all understanding? The answer is having the ”Prince of Peace” by your side. 
  • Why do I have joy? I have joy because the source of my joy is right next to me. 

Sounds pretty simple…pretty obvious…but it’s true. Too often I try to take what Jesus has given me and then leave him behind. It doesn’t work very well. 

I love the Book of Tobit where Raphael, the powerful archangel, journeyed with Tobiah and was there to handle every difficulty that arose. He didn’t give him money and clothes and directions and send him off. He traveled with him and provided all he needed. Even better as we travel with Jesus….. He’s there with everything we need. 

Well, back to the original story…I did finally make it to an opened gas station on that Sunday night…praying all the way. I think maybe angels pushed me the last few miles. It was actually a good trip…. for the Lord Jesus was right by my side.

“The LORD is with me (at my side), I do not fear”. (Ps. 118:6)

2 thoughts on ““Running Out Of Gas”

  1. Really excellent, Dave. You have such a knack of using analogies that make your message clear and personal. Thanks for sending these to me Dick

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