“Okay, Who’s The Brains Of This Outfit ?”

I used to love the old gangster movies where there were no subtleties… no hidden meanings… you didn’t need to be an English major to know what was going on. That’s probably why I liked the “Three Stooges”…. I could understand what was going on. When the bad guy asked Curly, “hey what kind of moron are you anyway…. Curly responded thoughtfully, “Oh, are there more than one kind”. 

You’ve heard the expression “bird brain” ….. I guess that comes from the fact that birds are known to have small brains. Are you with me here … are we together here…shall I slow down?

Okay, this leads me to the main point of this BLOG. Yes, we just got some brand new baby chickens…called chicks. They are actually pretty cute for a couple of weeks and then they aren’t. My grandson Jonny and his team of executives (Ben, Lauren, Nicole, Will, and Gracie) are in charge of the operation. Jonny, a budding entrepreneur, has already enlisted his Uncle Chris as production manager while they’re away on vacation and me as an unpaid consultant. (I actually have some experience from a year ago, when I was going out in the “early morning cold” and slopping thru the muck to get the eggs and put out the feed and water… that was never suppose to be my job…  I’m a consultant.)  Anyway, the operation did have some unfortunate luck in the past when another consultant, who lived next door, reported  “hey we have some bad news …two of the chickens heads fell off….hmmmm.  Even though we brought in the F.B.I.,  we never got to the bottom of the real story….I still think there was some funny business going on.

Okay, what’s the point of all this? As I was observing the 13 little chicks who will hopefully one day be delivering some 8 or 9 or even 10 eggs per day, I noticed that they really don’t see the big picture…. they think everything revolves around them, that they’re just here to run around and eat, drink, poop, and lay eggs. They think it’s “all about them”….they don’t see the big picture…..they really are “bird brains”. But suddenly flashes went off in my head and I had a revelation. The revelation was that sometimes I act like those chickensI think “it’s all about me”. I focus on ME and forget about God and all the others on this earth. I just focus on my little tasks, my needs, my jobs, my food and forget about God and my neighbor. I’m almost acting like one of those chickens. I need to lift my head out of the “chicken feed” and ask the Lord to help me focus on his truth…..on my destiny as a child of God. We are made in the image and likeness of God. The Lord paid a great price for our redemption. I’m part of the royal family. My future home is not some chicken coop but heaven. 

I know this is pretty straightforward and that this BLOG will never make it into The New Oxford Review or L’Osservatore Romano (Vatican Newspaper), but you never know. Perhaps one day you’ll here the Pope say to one of the staff,  “hey, bird brain knock it off, start acting like a son of God ”. 

2 thoughts on ““Okay, Who’s The Brains Of This Outfit ?”

  1. Sometimes we focus on just getting the job done—doing it my way rather than what is God trying to teach me thru this? I have bird brain alot


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