“Tilt…… to cause an incline”. 

Back in the day, “pin ball machines” were the technological marvels for kids. With all the noise, bells, lights flashing, it was a lot of fun. If you scored enough points, you won a free game. For this to happen the silver ball needed to go in the right place. An experienced player was able to shake the machine a bit to make this happened… however, if you shook it too much, TILT….. game over, you lost. Auugh, the dreaded sound of TILT.

I remember a talk by Fr. Mike Scalan, former president of Steubenville and leader in the Charismatic Movement, on the topic of Christian Community. He said Christian Community is a place where the “tilt is toward God”. In other words, the environment is such that you are encouraged to do “God’s will”… to follow his ways… to choose the right thing to do….. “put a ball on the floor and it rolls toward God.” He contrasted it with other environments where the tilt is “away from God” and you put the ball on the ground and it “goes down the drain”. 

If we want to do well in our walk with the Lord, we need to find and spend time in environments that “tilt” toward God.  Now, the type and shape of the environment or community can vary quite a bit, but we need to find it. If you’re on a diet, it’s a problem if you work at Dunkin Donuts…..

So, how do we do this when God calls us to be in the world” where often the tilt is away from God; yet, at the same time cautioning us to not be of the world”.  (John 17: 15-23) It’s not simple and it’s not easy and it always has a cost associated with it. 

Well, this topic is getting a bit complicated, but let’s leave it with one key point. If something is worth it…if something has value… if something is characterized as “the treasure in the field or the pearl of great price” (Mt. 13:44-45), then we’re wise to do whatever is necessary to find and keep it. If seeking and finding the Kingdom of God is worth it, we should do whatever is necessary to protect it and keep it safe.  Let’s be in a place where if a precious pearl  should fall on the floor, the tilt is such that it rolls toward God’s hand and protection. That is really good news.

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