“Blame It On the Virus”

There was a TV series back in the late ’50’s called the “Naked City“…. a police drama, it always ended with the line ….. “There are eight million stories in the naked city and this has been one of them.” Well there are over eighty stories in the “Corona Virus BLOG”, and this is one of them. (The music from the TV Show now kicks in…..da da da duuum)

The story starts out like this. The other day I received some “feedback” on my BLOG…. nothing exceptional in the comments… nicely delivered.. but it seems to have struck a chord with me. It was stated very politely, in a sensitive way….it went like this…. “you know maybe you need to get some more examples in the BLOG…I like stories and perhaps a little more humor, but don’t get me wrong, it’s terrific…keep up the good work.” 


I popped in with ”thank you for your input…it’s so helpful… very insightful, thank you so much, that’s great… see you soon, bye bye”. But what made this stand out from the ordinary? Why did it elicit an unusual reaction? Does it have something to do with the CORONAVIRUS….hmmmmm. (Let me continue with the story…..music in background….dum dum-dum-dum)

Well, after a few moments, I began to mull it all over in my brain…. first I said I agree with the comments…. then I invited some other thoughts into my fertile mind and quickly went to the extremes… not a good place to start… first I thought:

  • The BLOG stinks...why am I wasting my time on it…everyone hates it… no one reads it… people just say nice things at times out of charity… humor the old goat….then I bounced over to the other extreme .… 
  • What do ordinary people know about writing a BLOG… “the blood, the sweat, the tears” that go into every one…the sleepless nights….the financial ruin from taking BLOG lessons, my health is shot. What have they ever read that has the substance of my BLOG ?…. if Hemingway or Cicero or John Wayne had a comment, maybe I’d pay attention…. oh, the “agony and ecstasy” of being an author….

At that point I suddenly realized that I needed help… this was getting a little out of hand. Fortunately I decided to bring all of this to one of my closest advisors, someone who would understand, who’s always been there for me, my soulmate, the love of my life ….yes, I brought it to my wife Judy. After taking several minutes to explain it, in quite a bit of detail,  she looked up and said … “I’m sorry, did you say something?”

As I looked into those beautiful eyes, I thought there’s only one thing to do. I’m sure you guessed it by now…. yes, I got up and started dancing around the dining room table…singing and dancing…using some of my very best moves… I put on my baseball cap… more dancing. Finally near exhaustion, I stopped and looked over to her with an expectant look…waiting for a comment, perhaps a comment about the performance…. perhaps some insights on the BLOG. She took a deep breath and said “what time do you want to have dinner”. Stunned to silence, I finally responded “ how about 6 o’clock”.

Okay, why am I sharing this? What’s the message of this particular BLOG? Is there some spiritual principle that can be pointed to? Is this a new kind of therapy designed for the pandemic? Are we all going “nuts” from being quarantined?

The lesson of this BLOG is this… we all need to have someone watching our back when we begin acting a bit strange. We are blessed to have family and friends and brothers and sisters in Christ who have our back. And most importantly, we have the Lord watching our back. The Lord is always there for us.

P.S. And if we need to blame this on anything, ……. Blame it on the “Corona Virus”. 

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