Why Should I Say “Thanks”?

Gratitude can be a puzzling thing at times. Sometimes, I know I should be grateful for something or someone but it’s mainly in my head, not in my heart. I may say thank you and actually mean it, but I’m not doing any “backflips”.

A few years ago I was in the ICU for 5 days with epiglottitis (look it up). I couldn’t swallow at all and there was a concern that it might quickly affect my breathing. I felt pretty lousy and was somewhat fearful. The doctors and nurses took good care of me, not only medically but also psychologically by encouraging me and being very kind. When I left I was so grateful to them…I couldn’t say enough. I sent letters to the hospital and ICU staff thanking everyone. Why was I so grateful? Well, I knew I was in big trouble and couldn’t fix it. In the midst of this, someone came and saved me.

Throughout the scripture we hear again and again that Christ has come to “save” us. But from what ? I can feel I don’t need a savior. I feel pretty good. My life is going pretty well. I have a few bucks in the bank. In any case, I’d rather not think about it. Yet at some point, I’m going to find myself in BIG TROUBLE and not able to fix it. In may come with a lost job, a tragedy in my family, a terminal medical diagnosis, or simply at the end of a long life. But, whenever the “crisis” comes, I will realize I can’t save myself. I need Christ to save me from all the things I can’t save myself from, like sin and Satan, and death.

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