Palm Sunday, A Mirage?

Here we are at Palm Sunday. We’ve  never experienced a Lent like this current one. Holy Week begins tomorrow. It is one week until Easter. While my heart is trying to focus on Lent and Holy Week, my mind is still swirling around with “normalcy having left town”.  So, what should we do… how should we act… what is the Lord saying to us? 

The original Palm Sunday was a paradox. Palm Sunday commemorates Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem … riding into the city on a donkey, his followers spreading palm branches, symbols of victory and triumph, at his feet and calling out “Hosanna”.

And yet, it was a mirage. In a few short days, the opposite would be happening. From “hosanna in the highest” to “crucify him.” In a blink, the celebration and the honoring and the hosannas were gone and Jesus was no longer the people’s prophet and king and messiah. 

Is this Palm Sunday a prophetic sign for us of where we find ourselves today in the midst of this Pandemic. Is this Pandemic telling us that our world, in so many ways far from God and his will for his creation, is also a mirage. Is the world moving into Holy Week, into the Passion, into suffering and death ? All our greatest minds and science and monies and military strength cannot save us. Our salvation, our Easter only comes because we have a savior, our Lord Jesus Christ. So, we will be experiencing Holy Week in a new way. May we also experience Easter in a new and profound way that will truly change our lives…for now and for all eternity.

One thought on “Palm Sunday, A Mirage?

  1. I realize I can one of those who make Jesus king when everything is going well. But things aren’t going as I expected, I can question or doubt. So I realizing at the end of Holy Week I have to careful to thank the Lord for all he did, realizing he’s in charge


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