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“Penny For Your Thoughts”

I just read that Thomas Moore coined the term “a penny for your thoughts” in his 1522 book “Four Last Things”. Basically it means, “What’s on your mind?” I was wondering how this term ended up in a book about the “Four Last Things”. Hmmmmm.  "What's On Your Mind" As a reminder, the “Four Last Things” are death, judgement, … Continue reading “Penny For Your Thoughts”

“The Light Shines In The Darkness”

Originally Posted May 19, 2020 Who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful star lit night with the stars shining like diamonds, or a sunset that changes in colors by the minute as the day fades into night. What about the Autumn moon that seems to fill the entire sky with different colors.  Sometimes I equate darkness with night, … Continue reading “The Light Shines In The Darkness”

“The Ultimate Milestone”

“A milestone is a significant event in life. Often a milestone marks the start of a new chapter. Milestone literally refers to a roadside marker that lists the distance to a particular location. The first Roman milestones appeared on the Appian way.”   "Milestone - Appian Way" There are many milestones in one’s life. Two of my granddaughters just graduated from high school, … Continue reading “The Ultimate Milestone”

“Extraordinary Forgiveness”

There’s something about “extraordinary forgiveness” that touches even the most hardened soul. It’s one thing to hear that ole Joe forgave Bert for taking his parking space at the VFW hall….” I forgive you Bert, but don’t let it happen again”. It’s quite another to hear much more serious acts of forgiveness. Monty Williams My … Continue reading “Extraordinary Forgiveness”