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“ Timing ”

Originally Posted August 30, 2021 Timing is very important. “Take the chicken off the grill too early and you have raw chicken…. cut the prospect from the team before he’s matured and you may miss the next Stan Musial or Roger Staubach…” Anxiety and crises and curiosity can sometimes cause us to seek the status … Continue reading “ Timing ”

“I Can See Clearly Now”

Originally Posted Aug. 29, 2021 In 1972 the song “I Can See Clearly Now” , by John Nash was number one on the charts. It’s a bouncy uplifting song, and the words speak to another thing that happened in 1972… Judy and I turning from a lot of confusion in our life, turning back to God. We … Continue reading “I Can See Clearly Now”

“Swingin Stan The Man”

Sometimes I find myself defending certain positions ….. not arguing with anyone or saying anything, but being somewhat out of sorts because my position isn’t being shared or affirmed. The topic could range from the important to trivial.  Growing up we usually bought Fords, from the Blue ’49 Ford to the ’53 Ford, the ’62 … Continue reading “Swingin Stan The Man”

“Off To A Good Start”

Night prayers fortify us as we await the dawn…..“ being confident from our faith that God watches over us and guards us with his all powerful love… not fearing the terror of the night … commending our spirit into His hands…  asking the Lord to watch over us as we sleep, to grant us a … Continue reading “Off To A Good Start”

“Paying The Price”

Recently we revisited our favorite restaurant in the Amish Country called Dienner’s. It features homemade Pennsylvania Dutch cooking …. rotisserie chicken, buttered noodles, beef’n gravy, mashed potatoes along with freshly steamed vegetables… the buffet selections go on and on and on ..… salads, desserts, pies, etc. It’s so good…and worth the effort to get there.  Back in … Continue reading “Paying The Price”

“A Feel Good Story”

Recently I’ve been reading a number of wonderful articles and books that would be good topics for a BLOG. Yet, I need some more time to digest them and try to distill some of the thoughts…otherwise, I should just copy the entire book into the BLOG, and then it’s not really a BLOG….. hmmmmmm. So … Continue reading “A Feel Good Story”

“A Pope of Mercy & Kindness”

A caricature is  “an exaggeration of someone’s characteristic features… often to highlight human shortcomings…. a form of satire.” Hmmmmm. Sometimes they can be funny and harmless, other times they are cutting and hurtful. Joseph Ratzinger was too often described in exaggerated and hurtful ways….e.g.  “God’s Rottweiller”. In truth he was a kind and holy and humble father of the church. … Continue reading “A Pope of Mercy & Kindness”

“The Big MO”

Originally Posted August 25 2021 In Physics, momentum is calculated as the mass times the velocity. For example, a bowling ball (large mass) moving very slowly (low velocity) can have the same momentum as a baseball (small mass) that is thrown fast (high velocity). Ever try to stop a train or battleship, even if they are just creeping along … Continue reading “The Big MO”

“Keeping First Things First”

Originally Posted August 24, 2021 I think most of us need goals to challenge us and keep us moving in a good direction. When you’re younger the goals may be to finish school, to get that job and that promotion, to find a spouse. As you age, the goals tend to change… to raising a … Continue reading “Keeping First Things First”

Encouragement…. We All Need It !

Encouragement is so important. We all need to be encouraged. Any one who achieves any level of success has someone encouraging them. Encouragement comes in many “shapes and sizes”… sometimes it’s a word from someone who is close to you…a good friend, a spouse, a spiritual advisor. Other times it’s from someone you don’t know, … Continue reading Encouragement…. We All Need It !