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“Watch Out For Ice”

Well, here we are…it’s 2021. So far, so good !  I touched a bit upon my “New Year’s Resolutions” in yesterday’s BLOG, and I’d like to report that minutes into the new year, I’m doing pretty well…. hmmmm. So, today I’d like to mention a couple of things that all of us should pay attention to.   Have A Blessed 2021 … Continue reading “Watch Out For Ice”

“What Do We Expect Of Ourself”

Expectations can be perplexing at times…. what’s expected…… what does my boss expect of me, what does my spouse expect of me, my  kids, my friends, God…. ?  What does a father expect of his children? The 4th commandment spells it out. "Honor your father and your mother" (Deut 5:16; Mk 7:10). “Children owe their parents respect, gratitude, just obedience, and assistance”.(Catechism, par. … Continue reading “What Do We Expect Of Ourself”

“So Many Gifts”

Boy oh boy…my head’s spinning. Things are happening at the 30,000 foot level and at the 2 foot level. It can keep me off balance. Let me be more specific.  Merry Christmas Major life changing events are happening at the 30,000’ level. Christmas, the celebration of our savior’s birth….magnificent, overwhelming, majestic, incredible. Trying to get … Continue reading “So Many Gifts”

“Thank You St. Joseph”

This is a slightly modified BLOG from June 23rd. It seemed appropriate during the Christmas season to thank the great St. Joseph for taking care of the Blessed Mother and her new baby... the Lord Jesus. Father's Day is celebrated worldwide to recognize the contribution that fathers  make to the lives of their children. Many countries observe … Continue reading “Thank You St. Joseph”

Only “Tough Cookies” Know How To Celebrate

Hey, Christmas is not over at midnight on December 25th.… we’ve got a lot of time to celebrate.  Some say we should celebrate the “12 days of Christmas” which would take us to the feast of the Epiphany on January 5th. Actually the Church celebrates from December 25th until the Baptism of the Lord, on January … Continue reading Only “Tough Cookies” Know How To Celebrate

“The Moon Is Beautiful, But….”

If the Sun suddenly went out, we'd find ourselves in complete darkness. We’d also notice the Moon and planets suddenly disappear, because their light is simply the  sunlight reflecting off of it. So, while we can enjoy a beautiful “Harvest Moon”…. remember, the moon is  not the source of its own beauty.  Beautiful Harvest Moon A messenger of … Continue reading “The Moon Is Beautiful, But….”