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“To Fumble ….. You Have To Be In The Game”

Originally Posted July 1, 2020 Most of us can remember when some sports star made a dramatic error…perhaps a fumble or blowing an easy shot…. remember Scott Norwood missing the field goal against the Giants in the Super Bowl, or Bill Buckner letting the ball go thru his legs against the Mets in the World … Continue reading “To Fumble ….. You Have To Be In The Game”

“Our Weakness Should Not Terrify Us”

I’m in the process of reading one of my favorite books for the 3rd time. It’s the autobiography of Thomas Merton, entitled , “The Seven Story Mountain”. It’s his  spiritual odyssey from a young man growing up in the US and Europe,….  English prep schools, to Cambridge, and then to Columbia…a life of dissipation to gradual conversion, becoming … Continue reading “Our Weakness Should Not Terrify Us”

“Intercession—Standing in The Gap”

Originally Posted June 30, 2020 We were talking to a young priest friend the other day about intercession …”praying on behalf of another”. He mentioned that a number of people had agreed to pray for him and his priesthood. (The “Seven Sisters Apostolate” pray for priests…. one praying an hour each day of the week for … Continue reading “Intercession—Standing in The Gap”

“I’ve Heard God Is With You” 

As Christians we hear a lot about evangelization…. preaching the Good News”…introducing others to Christ…. “showing another beggar where the food is”. Yet there are a couple of parts to this puzzle. One is the preaching of the good news; the other is the acceptance of this wonderful offer. "Be With God" As my mother … Continue reading “I’ve Heard God Is With You”