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“Greetings From Cast Away Island”

Wow, it’s a beautiful day… perfect for Easter Week. We have 8 days of Easter Sundays to bask in the greatness of the Resurrection….  and then a total of 50 days for the Easter season.  “Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again”.  We’re a few days into the Divine Mercy Novena praying for some … Continue reading “Greetings From Cast Away Island”

Holy Saturday- A Lot Going On

Originally Posted April 11, 2020 I recently saw that Mel Gibson is making a sequel to the Passion of the Christ movie, titled “The Resurrection”. In an interview Gibson mentioned the movie will explore, among many things, “when Jesus descended into hell”. I’ve often pondered what that was like…the time between Jesus’s death on the … Continue reading Holy Saturday- A Lot Going On

“Prepare for Surprises”

Sometimes when I’m reading about Jesus walking the earth, I can think of a series of scripted events… somewhat precise and orchestrated…. everyone has their parts, maybe even predictable. I can tend to not be surprised….. “oh, I know this story…yes, okay, I know what happens here; my imagination can be put to the side.” Well, … Continue reading “Prepare for Surprises”