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“ Tough Love ”

Originally Posted March 9, 2021 We hear the term “tough love” and often think it’s a good thing when applied to someone else…” boy that youngster could use a little bit of tough love…straighten him out a bit…bla,bla,bla. ”. It’s amazing how things seem different when applied to someone else than when applied to me. … Continue reading “ Tough Love ”

“Will Iron Oxides Make Me Happy?”

Originally Posted March 8, 2021 I usually remember to pray when I’m working on a new BLOG. What does the Lord want me to write …. something serious, something deep, something funny or witty ? Who is the audience… kids and grandkids… friends…. people I don’t know ?!? When I mix it all together, it … Continue reading “Will Iron Oxides Make Me Happy?”

“ Is Love Worth The Cost ”

“What’s that worth … what’s the value ?” How do we determine value? “Economic value is the value a person places on an economic good based on the benefit that they derive from the good…. often estimated as the person's willingness to pay for the good.”  The paradox of value examines why goods that are not essential to … Continue reading “ Is Love Worth The Cost ”

“Now Is Your Time”

Discouragement, to deprive of courage, is awful.  Discouragement is a cancer that eats at our soul. It saps our energy and our hope; it causes us to want to quit. When discouragement gains the upper hand, we can think we have no purpose in life…. why even bother.  Discouragement is based on a lie. Like every … Continue reading “Now Is Your Time”

“O Happy Fault”

At the Easter Vigil when the Exultet is sung, we hear the words “O happy fault, O necessary sin of Adam, which gained for us so great a Redeemer!”  Reflecting on these words can help us understand what Christ has done for us by His death and resurrection.  "O Happy Fault" I’ve sometimes been perplexed by this … Continue reading “O Happy Fault”

“Don’t Be Ashamed To Tell Jesus You Love Him”

How often have we heard sermons about the Lord asking Peter, “Do you love me”?  I’ve heard the explanations … Jesus denied the Lord three times and Jesus asks Peter to reaffirm his love for the Lord three times.  "Peter, Do You Love Me?" Well today, I heard another perspective from Bishop Barron.  He said, “We are … Continue reading “Don’t Be Ashamed To Tell Jesus You Love Him”

“The Electric Grape”

It was the Christmas holidays of 1966 and I was going to visit my girlfriend who lived in Louisville, Ky. I planned to drive the “Grape”…. a recently purchased ‘55 Chevy for which I had paid $85. When my sister first saw the purple & white two tone coupe, she said, “it looks like an  “Electric … Continue reading “The Electric Grape”

“Pay Attention”

Dewey defeats Truman: The most famous wrong call in electoral history. The Chicago Daily Tribune will forever be known for this major communications faux pas. Communications … getting the right information is critical.  It’s especially important when we’re communicating with the Lord…. hearing from God.   “Behold, as the eyes of servants look to the hand of their master, as … Continue reading “Pay Attention”