“The Big MO”

Originally Posted August 25 2021 In Physics, momentum is calculated as the mass times the velocity. For example, a bowling ball (large mass) moving very slowly (low velocity) can have the same momentum as a baseball (small mass) that is thrown fast (high velocity). Ever try to stop a train or battleship, even if they are just creeping along … Continue reading “The Big MO”

“Beware of the Chaos”

Last year we were driving home on the New Jersey Turnpike when a huge thunderstorm overtook us… a deluge; I saw Noah’s ark in the distance.  We were in three lanes of traffic, the wipers were on max, our emergency flashers were on, and you could barely see the car in front of you. I’m still … Continue reading “Beware of the Chaos”

Queen For A Day 

If you’re over a 100  you may remember the T.V. show “Queen For A Day”. It ran from the mid 40’s to mid ‘60’s. Contestants would tell their “stories” and the audience would select the winner … the one who had the roughest situation. The “Queen” would get a crown and robe and sit on a … Continue reading Queen For A Day 

“Prayer For The End Of The Year”

Blessed 2023. Wow, the number 2023 makes it seems like something out of an episode of Flash Gordon from 1934….rocket ships to the  moon and Mars and beyond. Yet we are actually living in 2023. Time really does fly. I just read a beautiful  “Prayer For The End of The Year”, by Catherine De Hueck Doherty in yesterday’s … Continue reading “Prayer For The End Of The Year”

“There’s Plenty Of Pie”

Growing up I came to understand the “pseudo universal earthly truth” that there’s only one pie; if you get a bigger piece, than I get a smaller piece. There’s just so much….. if I win, you lose…. if you win, I lose. Actually it’s not really a “universal earthy truth”, but it’s pretty much how … Continue reading “There’s Plenty Of Pie”

Life Tests What We Profess.

Sometimes in prayer I get “lost in the Lord”… his words and ways come into focus….  I profess my love for the Lord and my desire to do his holy will. As I jot down thoughts in my journal … directions and plans and hopes and dreams become more clear. I feel courage increasing. It doesn’t … Continue reading Life Tests What We Profess.

Wake Up !!!

Well, we’re several days into Advent… the season of “waiting”…. waiting for the 2nd coming of Christ and also anticipating the celebration of the historical birth of Jesus. The early readings focus on being ready…ready that Christ’s next coming, whether at the time of our death or his 2nd coming to the earth, doesn’t catch us asleep…. … Continue reading Wake Up !!!


Have you ever tried to perform when you’re fatigued.  If you’re not sure, try this….. go out and run five or six  “50 yard wind sprints”. If you can still stand up, go and try to shoot the basketball, it’s a disaster…. “air ball city”. You probably will limp to the side, become nauseous, and look to … Continue reading Fatigue