Life Tests What We Profess.

Sometimes in prayer I get “lost in the Lord”… his words and ways come into focus….  I profess my love for the Lord and my desire to do his holy will. As I jot down thoughts in my journal … directions and plans and hopes and dreams become more clear. I feel courage increasing. It doesn’t … Continue reading Life Tests What We Profess.

Wake Up !!!

Well, we’re several days into Advent… the season of “waiting”…. waiting for the 2nd coming of Christ and also anticipating the celebration of the historical birth of Jesus. The early readings focus on being ready…ready that Christ’s next coming, whether at the time of our death or his 2nd coming to the earth, doesn’t catch us asleep…. … Continue reading Wake Up !!!


Have you ever tried to perform when you’re fatigued.  If you’re not sure, try this….. go out and run five or six  “50 yard wind sprints”. If you can still stand up, go and try to shoot the basketball, it’s a disaster…. “air ball city”. You probably will limp to the side, become nauseous, and look to … Continue reading Fatigue

Make Us Love What You Command

A number of things have caught my eye recently. I hope they actually help me to make some changes in my life…perhaps small changes, but hopefully important ones.  In the Collect of today’s mass, there was one line that hit me… ”make us love what you command”. Hmmmm, sounds simple.  But think about it. If God commands me to … Continue reading Make Us Love What You Command

The Underdog

“Studies have shown that the literal act of witnessing an underdog story gives us hope. Win or lose, humans are drawn to these stories because they inspire us to believe that we too can overcome. We can conquer something overwhelming. We can rise again after a devastating loss.”  No wonder we like underdog stories. There are a lot of great … Continue reading The Underdog

God Answers Our Prayer

A recent BLOG spoke about the need for a Savior to be “powerful and loving”. One without the other will not work out well for us. The readings from today again speak about how our Savior Jesus Christ is both. Thank God. Psalm 86 speaks of our Loving Savior…..” O Lord, you are good and forgiving, … Continue reading God Answers Our Prayer

Find A Way To Get It Done…

“The group didn’t check out even though it had been a rough game and we were down 5-1 in the bottom of the 9th … each player fought to get on base…. perhaps the best at bat was O’Neill drawing a walk after being down 0-2 to keep the rally going …” (Oliver Marmol, Manager of … Continue reading Find A Way To Get It Done…

“Honeymoon’s Over”

At some point, regardless of our way of life, we may experience the Honeymoon Being Over. It may be a short or long honeymoon, but eventually it’s over. “Mr. Wonderful becomes Mr. Not So Wonderful”; the fans who adored me, now think I’m an overpaid bum; the genius becomes a dummy. You get the picture.   … Continue reading “Honeymoon’s Over”