The Underdog

“Studies have shown that the literal act of witnessing an underdog story gives us hope. Win or lose, humans are drawn to these stories because they inspire us to believe that we too can overcome. We can conquer something overwhelming. We can rise again after a devastating loss.”  No wonder we like underdog stories. There are a lot of great … Continue reading The Underdog

“More Ice Cream?”

It seems that most gospel readings are pretty intense. I can find myself exhausted by the time I finish reading them .… there’s healings and deliverance, discussions and arguments with the Pharisees, money changers in the temple, and of course ultimately the suffering and death of our Lord on the cross. Yet the other day, … Continue reading “More Ice Cream?”

When Is It Time To Celebrate?

I recently saw an article entitled “Why You Should Celebrate Everything”. It was a pretty good article, although I think they may have gone a bit too far. (they even toasted their wet carpet which they had just finished cleaning…hmmmm).  The author mentioned that “giving extra attention to the good things in life, celebrating the little successes, helps … Continue reading When Is It Time To Celebrate?