“The Theology of Ground Hog Day”

Have you ever repeated a story that you had told earlier...maybe even earlier in the conversation.  Sometimes I get a clue that this is happening…. the eyes of the person I’m speaking to glaze over…or they nod off… or maybe they say…”you already told me that”….hmmmmm. Sometimes it happens when telling a joke… I get to … Continue reading “The Theology of Ground Hog Day”

“Three Hall Of Famers Passed Away”

It seems like a lot of good people have passed away recently…. I just heard that two great St. Louis Cardinal Hall of Famers Lou Brock, and now Bob Gibson have died. After Stan Musial, Gibby was my favorite Cardinal. … a fierce competitor, he just refused to lose… so many records… his 1.12 ERA in 1968, 17 … Continue reading “Three Hall Of Famers Passed Away”