“Thanks For The Help”

Originally Posted May 11, 2021 The “signature product” from my work shop is a Christmas Nativity Stable. I’ve been making them for more than 20 years and often given them as a wedding gift. I patterned it after one made by Judy’s Uncle. David Sr. & David , Jr. As I get older, the challenge … Continue reading “Thanks For The Help”

“Listen Up & Pay Attention”

I recently  recalled visiting my sister many years ago. Elizabeth Jane (Libby), was an excellent pianist. “Gee Libby, teach me to play the piano…. how hard can it be…. I’m pretty coordinated.” Rolling her eyes, she agreed to give it a try. I’m thinking, who knows maybe I’m a prodigy and will immediately begin playing like … Continue reading “Listen Up & Pay Attention”

“Some Serious Dancing”

I’ve never heard the words, “Dave, you are a magnificent dancer…. did you ever dance professionally…. is Fred Astair your father.” Even when dancing with my wonderful wife at a wedding reception, I often hear “you’re bouncing again…why are you bouncing……I’m not bouncing, I’m gliding.” Hmmmmmm.  Today I read about the Lord telling Israel, “ I … Continue reading “Some Serious Dancing”

“ Getting A Raw Deal ???”

Originally Posted May 10, 2021 I felt like a light bulb went off in my head this morning, having to do with the  “pruning and discipline of the Lord”. Recognizing the Lord’s hand in your life can make all the difference in the world.   In the Mass readings recently, we’ve been hearing a lot about how … Continue reading “ Getting A Raw Deal ???”

“Let’s Decide”

We’ve all heard the expression, don’t stand with “one foot in the boat and one foot on the shore”. This type of indecision usually leads to disaster. After the proper amount of reflection and study and prayer, it’s important to decide. Blessed Cyprian Tansi  who died in 1964 said  “If you are going to be a Christian … Continue reading “Let’s Decide”

“Do I Trust God”

Originally Posted May 7, 2021 I read something in the Magnificat today that struck a cord with me ….. “ In a culture that values autonomy  and self-reliance, we sometimes imagine that we can call only call on our own personal strength to shoulder the burden of those we care for and to face our own … Continue reading “Do I Trust God”

“ The Good Ole Days”

Originally Posted May 6, 2021 “Boy oh boy, do I ever miss the good ole days”. You seem to hear that when things are not going well, and usually from older people…like me.  “Harry, this sure isn’t like the good ole days ….  remember when you could get a gallon of gas for 25 cents and people’s … Continue reading “ The Good Ole Days”

“Don’t Be A Puddleglum”

Originally Posted May 5, 2021 When trouble would announce itself at our door, my mother would frequently say “we live in the valley of tears”. She certainly suffered enough during her lifetime to validate that statement. It seems that everyday, I hear of good friends experiencing some renewed suffering… a reoccurrence of cancer,  the loss of … Continue reading “Don’t Be A Puddleglum”

“The Passing of Dear Friends”

It seems that so many friends are passing away. Ray Rettig, our brother-in-law, passed away after a long bout with MS and cancer. Today I was able to watch a live streaming of his funeral mass in Cincinnati, Ohio. Ray was a good man; he loved the Lord.  Earlier today I attended the mass of … Continue reading “The Passing of Dear Friends”

“It’s Worth It”

Distraction: ”unable to concentrate because one's mind is preoccupied”. It can be caused by worry, sorrow, or anxiety; social media, cell phones, the world situation can all contribute to being distracted. When distracted I can easily not “put first things first”. Too often I can read thru the scripture and it doesn’t seem to penetrate my … Continue reading “It’s Worth It”