“Leap Of Faith”

Originally Posted April 30, 2020 How does faith work? Why do some believe and some don’t? Is there such a thing as a “leap of faith”? There are many good questions about faith.  Missouri is nicknamed “the Show-Me State”…. people don’t just believe, you need to show me.  Well, the scripture, the saints, and the Catechism says that there’s … Continue reading “Leap Of Faith”

“Race For Last Place”

Our trip continues. We are still in Michigan getting some good time with our daughter Cristin & family. We went to grandson Nick’s “Tae Kwon Do” class…. a Korean martial art with emphasis on head-height kicks, jumping spinning kicks, and fast kicking techniques…. yikes, I pulled a muscle just watching. Nick has developed quite a skill. … Continue reading “Race For Last Place”

“The Road Trip Continues ….. Come Holy Spirit”

Well we started our day in Freemont Ohio at 8am Mass at St. Ann’s…a beautiful church. After a pretty good breakfast at the Holiday Inn, we were off.  St. Ann's Church In Ohio Due to  a last minute inspiration, we stopped in Chelsea Michigan at the Servants of the Word Center to see a good friend, … Continue reading “The Road Trip Continues ….. Come Holy Spirit”