“Trusting In The Lord’s Goodnss”

“Fallen human beings try to refashion reality”. (Magnificat, Jan. 14, 2022)  In other words,  “I’ll follow God on “my terms; let me call the shots and I’ll go along.”  There are probably many causes of this attitude…. maybe a combination of pride and arrogance, perhaps fear, but I think it’s fundamentally a lack of trust.  I don’t trust you … Continue reading “Trusting In The Lord’s Goodnss”

“What Do We Expect Of Ourself”

Originally Posted Dec. 29, 2020 Expectations can be perplexing at times…. what’s expected…… what does my boss expect of me, what does my spouse expect of me, my  kids, my friends, God…. ?  What does a father expect of his children? The 4th commandment spells it out. "Honor your father and your mother" (Deut 5:16; Mk 7:10). “Children owe their parents respect, gratitude, … Continue reading “What Do We Expect Of Ourself”